Sunday, September 25, 2011

Geneve Seal, The Poincon de Geneve

There is always the term “Geneve Seal Hallmark”, and or the Poincon de geneve mentioned on some of the Highest Quality Watches from Switzerland.
The Stringency finish requirement by Poincon de Geneve quality hallmark bears witness to its determination to raise the level of quality well above average standards, and to its desire to cultivate the Swiss tradition on fine watchmaking professions in-house.
Each of the movement will be submitted to Geneva Watchmaking School for approval. This authority of Geneva, is the only one entitled to grant and apply for his hallmark; the selection criteria are listed below
There are 12 commandments for Watch making!
Fine Workmanship
1. The fine Workmanship of all the parts of the caliber, including those additional mechanism, must meet the demands of the Geneva Voluntary Watch Testing Office.
Steel parts must have polished bevels, drawn down flanks, smoothed visible parts, polished r circular-grained screw heads ( with beveled rim and slot).
2. All movements must be equipped on the gear-train and escapement with jewels with polished holes. N the bridge side, the jewels must half-polished with polished sinks. There are no stipulations regarding th fourth wheel jewels on the plate.
Regulator Stud
03 The balance spring must be affixed by means of an inserted cover plate with a stud featuring a round neck and head. An adjustable mobile stud-bearer is acceptable.
04 Inset of split indexes are acceptable in conjunction with a holding system, apart from ultrathin Calibres where this system is not required.
Regulating systems featuring a balance with a variable moment of inertia are acceptable as long as they fulfil the requirements specified under article 3, point 1.
Going Trains
The wheel sof the going chain must be chamfered above and below and have a polished sink. In wheels 0.15mm thick or less, a single chamber is allowed on the bridge side.
The pivot shanks and the faces of the pinion leaves must be polished.

The escapement wheel must ne light, not more than 0.16mm thick in large calibers and 0.13mm in calibers under 18mm, and its locking face must be polished.
The angle Traversed by the lever must be limited by fixed banking walls to the exclusion of pins and studs.
Shock Proofing
10 Movement fitted with shock proofing are accepted
Winding Mechanism
The Ratchet wheel and the crown wheel must be finished according to registered patterns.
Wire springs are not permitted.

Refer to Roger Dubuis Operation Manual
HK Snob

My Roger Dubuis MuchMore has received a revision in RD factory

Well, my Muchmore has been running for a couple of years, though the time it runs on my wrist is less than 500 hours. It is a Perpetual calendar, there are 152 parts inside, it has been very accurate that it never lose or gain more than anything I could possibly notice through the hand and dial.
I decided to send to RD for a total revision,… at their Swiss Manufacture.
After 4 months, the beautiful sales lady called me for collection, surprisingly; they gave me a “NEW” watch… exaggerated… in fact, they polished it to the same polishing as to a New watch. And was certified with a letter that allows this watch to enjoy 12 months of WARANTY!
This is the lifestyle of Enjoyment of buying a good watch, not necessary expensive, but they treat you like other of their important Customers Bill Clinton, Nicolas Cage and Britney Spears who wear the RD as I do, Bill Clinton used to own the Roger Dubuis MuchMore but not my Salmon Colour…. …. This is no other Brand can possible being go in par with... well of course this is Roger Dubuis… I like the Watch first before I like the brand, as every Roger Dubuis carry the Genève Seal on every of their watches… and their design is so unique, fashioned and daring!
The team is so professional that you may find you are not as good as they are when you talks about watches… especially the senior sales associates and the managers.
Moreover, they treat you like friends, and you can chat as free as you can. Friends of mine haven been received some dirty eyes in other shop of other brands whereby telling you that is a watch value more than 1 million… and they do not even offer you the watch to try out on your wrist.. Of course, this is Hong Kong.. We can not omit that there are shops that run in their rule of games… especially to someone they don’t know much.
16 years ago, when you speak Mandarin, the shop Keeper might not serve you, how if you dress lousy like I and Speak Cantonese like I… you may not be served…
Times has changed, I have seen a Chinese man buying One bottle of Balvenie whisky with cash of RMB700,000 in HK Airport… Who can beat them with money!? May be Mr. Lee, Mr. Lau, Mr. Kwok….but definitely not a poor sales man like me!
Next time, when your next Watch buy is not yet determined, and you may have a lot of Rolex, Patek Philippe, AP, VC, JLC,…Try out this Roger Dubuis… before they go too expensive Tomorrow! Or if you do not have many good watch at all, go Buy one from Roger Dubuis... they have some good for money watch that makes you drooling...
Your Roger Dubuis is likely one of the most beautiful Elegant Watches from Switzerland.
HK Snob

How to buy a good Pre-owned Rolex in Hong Kong?

There are a lot of Tricks and fraud on selling Rolexes since 70’s; nowadays I can not rule out that there is not such practice… But the Concern is even the Seller bought Fake Rolex before they sell to you. There are so called Cocktail-Rolex in HK, though the percentage is very low but hey, Who knows!? As Even Rolex Service Centre some times had to consult expert in verifying the Authenticity of the Rolex they receive for repairing. Imagine they are under age of thirty in average, how can you expect they can have that kind of knowledge…The master watch guru is just too busy to handle all the Enquiries.
Experience and the knowledge on the watch is needed if you want to buy good valued-pre-owned Watches. Some of my advices and advices of the Rolex Collectors:
Go with a pro
Ask Local people t buy together with you
Also tricky people may look at the buyer, say if the buyers is inexperienced people and they may tend to give or recommend them "Less Good Quality Stuff" to them. This is the General practice for people who do business. That is why; ALWAYS go to some trustful stores for the Rolex.
Reliable Shops
Prefer to go the trusted Shops that have been running for many decades in HK, unless you know the shop keepers.
Remember no free lunch, and No Cheap Rolex
If the price is too low, I will not buy. You know what I mean!
The price of a Rolex can be determined by it model, market demand, the Originality, condition and the accessories such as birth Certificates (Warranty card), Boxes, and even original purchase invoice.
Ocular Inspection
I will check for the usage, means that how Rough the watch has been used...
Check the outer screw thread for traces of abuse used if the tread is badly worn off.
Check for the dial if that Night Glowing Dots is original or not
Check for the Hands are bent or have been oxidized
Check for signs of the Cases has been polished or not: So Call FAT Boy is the good original case, of the case has been polished, it is “Thinner”.
Open and See
I Will ask if I can Open and see the movement, well, that is tough for you and even for me in some of the shops in HK
Buy from Dealer
I used to buy from Dealers....who can open the watch and show me... and Most of all, Dealer is cheaper.

HK Snob

Sunday, September 18, 2011

If the Sky has love!

Does it recall you memory of the 90’s? It was a famous watch for the grass-root class people of HK made in the 1991-1993 by Solvil en Titus, It is no Swiss Made. Probably in HK at that time. Remember the TV ad that Andy Lau and Ng Sin Lin were playing as lovers, Andy Went to war whilst Ng waited at home. ... And the Chinese word engraved on back written “If the Sky has Love, it would last forever" touched many people hearts including you and me…
This is one of the one that my sweetie Ice has kept it until today.
Ice, I always love you!

HK Snob

Citizen's Minute Repeater

This is a good piece of watch, only if you do not mind it was made of Electronics. Well, a cheapest mechanical Repeater is selling at least HKD$500,000.00. This is only 5% of it when I bought it in 1992. Recently Citizen produces a new repeater but so thick that you do not want to buy!
It is A Limited Production from Citizen, Perpetual Calendar. For the music tone is absolutely no mechanical watch can produce… it is crystal clear and loud enough to wake you up!! As it is generated by 16 bit music tone generator IC chip, water proof, Super accurate.. Just one thing, it take 30 minutes to replace the battery, it has to go through series of set-up before the watch can be used. I taught the repair man to replace the battery as the Japanese had problem in writing clear English instruction on the back of the bottom cover. I doubt Citizen dealer also had to scratch their head to replace battery and they may charge you HKD$400 for such a battery of 20 dollars.
Anyway, I am a poor snob, but at least I have a Minute Repeater!! How Can you do not have an repeater and calling yourself a Watch Collector… Don’t mock at me Mr. Rich coz I am just a honest little staff in a big Company… my monthly income is a disgrace!
HK Snob

Tissot Touch Sport watch for Hiking

I have had three Tissot Touch, my comment is good-easy-to-use watch, neat, sharp and beautiful., I like pure Titanium for all three of them. Light and durable. And I like the one on the right most as it is bigger, more futuristic design rather than all-circle-round shape that every one is making... But one thing I had to remind you, they are not too reliable as I had two failure that I had to change for the enture piece of PCB-board, it costed me HKD$650 two years ago and now HKD$1450.00. delivery 8 weeks!
This kills the customer as Why They have to take so long to replace a defective main-board!?

HK Snob

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Malaysian Rolex Date Day Collector

Andy is a serious collector and Lover for Rolex, he came to HK and discuss with us on his collection and how, where to buy his beloved Model about Date Day. He made a Sucessful deal at Kwai Yan for a White Gold Rolex Date Day and a Yellow Gold Rolex DD from my friend Paul. Of course he got eagle eyes and decerning taste on his purchases.

Well, it is interesting to see that more and more people is starting to collect Rolex. As he has similar TASTE of what I have... Gold Rolex...Especially Andy is very young, who knows one day he might have 500 pieces of Rolex DD!? Allow me to show some of his collection to you...

HK Snob

Rolex Explorer II Orange is on Sale Now

There is news that Hour Glass Singapore has some limited Supply of Rolex Explorer II Orange for Sales, The Black Dial is more attractive as I was told by my friend, of course he is Singaporean.
They are asking SGD$10,000.00, that is an equivalent of HKD$62,000.00., VAT included.
In Dubai, there in Rolex AD selling at AED$31,000, that is HKD$66,650.00.
So in that sense the official price for this Explorer II Orange is approximately HKD$62,500 I guess on Hong Kong. In the first two months I Don't think they have any discount offered for you. I think by End September, the HK should have this latest invasion from Rolex.

HK Snob

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rolex Buckle Real and Fake

Attached two pictures of the Real and Fake Rolex Buckles.

On both pictures, the one on the right side is Real.

One Way to tell easily is the stamper characters are very clear and Sharp.

Next time when you buy the Rolex especially a pre-owned one, check carefully!

The Real one say Gold Plated one is Over HKD1,000.00 the Fake one is just HKD$150.00.The Solid Gold one is HKD3,000 and the Fake one is 1/10 of it....So don't be happy that you get some discount from the Shop keeper but what you get is a Watch with a Fake Buckle!

HK Snob

Rolex Oyster Collections

There is a lot of Serious Collectors in HK. And There are a lot of Rich people in HK Collecting Rolex. Someone just talked to me I have a PP that is worth 5 Millions HK Dollar, with more than the whole case of your Rolex. Yes… But do not forget that the joy of Collection is in the way on how to search and find for these Watches. New Blog Friend Andy from Penang came to HK to talk about these watches Today, he is also a serious Rolex Collector. And He knows the sweat in finding these pieces of watches… Well. It take years to do so. And I believe also there are a lot of colourful dial of Rolex Date Day found in Google, but who know how many of them are the original!? Thanks for Paul to show me some of his Collection Today!
Which one do you like Most!?
PS There are Two Cartier in the box.

Tsim Sha Tsui Snob

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What Watches do the Presidents wear!?

China Great Leader Mao Ze Dong used to wear an Omega Seamaster with leather strap, a gift from Guo Moruo (1892-1978).
Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan worn Rolex Day Date.
Some sources say that President Eisenhower was actually given a Datejust (not Day-Date) with the presidential style bracelet.
JFK’s one was a gift from Marilyn Monroe in 1962.
That is why The Day Date earned the nickname the "President"
President Bill Clinton only wore the Timex while in office, and then proceeded to unveil his extremely sizable watch collection upon his retirement.
He owns at least three Kobolds-limited-edition watches from a tiny company in Pittsburgh that has attracted such buyers as actor James Gandolfini and newsman Brian Williams. Kobolds start at $2,850. Clinton has also been spotted wearing a Cartier Santos-Dumont ($12,600), a Panerai Luminor ($13,000), and a Roger Dubuis Much More ($62,000).
Clinton Foundation Equation of Time
More impressively, Clinton actually launched a limited edition watch with legendary watch maker Audemars Piguet called the "Jules Audemars-Clinton Foundation Equation of Time". Only 42 of them were ever created and they sold for between $98,000 and $137,000. A significant portion of the proceeds went to the Clinton Global Initiative, total roughly $3 million.
It has also been reported the sitting President George W. Bush was given a $13,000 Franck Muller by Silvio Berlusconi, but only wears it on special occasion. So that he will have a spare watch other than his Timex.
Vladimir Putin (Former Russian President) wears a PP Perpetual Calendar. Putin's Perpetual Calendar features a self-winding movement, with a leather band, that retails for approximately $60,000.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi wears the most expensive watch worn by a foreign head of state: a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar. This manual movement timepiece has a 37mm platinum case, leather strap, and multiple complications including: Minute Repeater, Moonphase, and Perpetual Calendar, and retails for an astounding $540,000.

HK Snob

Friday, September 2, 2011

Celebrities and Their Preferred Watches

Arnold Schwarzenegger wears an Audemars Piguet watch such as T3, IWC Big Pilot, Rolex and Panerai.
Barack Obama- Most experts saw a light-dialed TAG-Heuer sports watch . . . probably either a Series 1000 or Series 2000. The common quartz watches of the mid-1990's. Then after 2007, he changed to a Jorg Gray 6500 chronometer.

Ben Affleck – Harry Winston
Bill Clinton is a huge fan of Roger Dubuis watches. On the cover of Time Magazine he was wearing a Roger Dubuis Much More watch.
Britney Spears wears Roger Dubuis watch. However, among her favorites there are also Chopard Montres Dame and Breitling watches.
Elton John wearing a fartload of jewelry with skulls and a gold ladies Chopard...
Halle Berry – Franck Muller Casablanca 2852
Harrison Ford – Breitling Aerospace
Isaiah Washington of Grey's Anatomy wearing an unindentified Panerai
Jay-Z loves Audemar Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. He is also a big fan of AP Grande Complication.
Jennifer Anniston – vintage Cartier and Rolex Date Just
Jessica Simpson – vintage Rolex
Jude Law, the most unbutch guy you can imagine..., wearing a big old 3717
Larry King – Ulysse Nardin GMT
Leonardo DiCaprio was seen wearing a Jaeger LeCoultre Master Minute Repeater for $175,000. and Panerai
Mark Anthony – Roger Dubuis
Marky Mark Walhberg wearing an unindentified watch
Nicolas Cage wearing his Sub (wonder what his chum to the right is wearing? Looks like a Roger Dubuis)
Orlando Bloom – IWC Big Pilot
Robert Redford- Rolex Explorer II
Roman Abramovich, the owner of the English club Chelsea, has a wide range of Rolex watches. Among his favorites there is a Rolex Daytona and a gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner.
Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister of Italy wears an extremely expensive timepiece from the world’s oldest watchmaker Vacheron Constantin. The price of the watch is $540,000.
Simon Cowell – Chopard Mille Miglia
Sylvester Stallion- Rolex and Panerai
The future King and Queen of Spain, on their mobiles (wonder if they're calling each other?) showing off his Special Forces watch again.
Tom Cruise – Audemar Piguet chronograph
Usher – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
Usher pulling a Maradona, with two Audemars Piguet
Victoria Beckham was seen wearing on her wrist an iced-out Piaget watch.
Vladimir Putin has a $60,000 Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar. This is a really expensive timepiece if compared to George W. Bush’s Timex for $50. However, the US president has a personal inscription on his Timex.
Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow wears a Patek Philippe Calatrava
From these data, we could see that the most popular watch is Rolex, AP, Roger Dubuis, Chopard and PP.

Three US Presidents Bill Clinton worn Roger Dubuis Much More (limited 28 pieces, USD$80,000.00), Bush a USD$50 cheap Timex watch and Obama wears a Tag Hauer probably valued USD$200.
Now you can see how bad the US economy would be… From USD$80,000, down to USD$200.00! We have to be prepared as the worst economy yet to come… Hmm!

HK Snob

Megan Fox and Her Rolex Date Just

This is The sexxy lady appreared in Transformer, Megan Fox.
The Body Guard like stocky man is Brian Austin, her boy friend.
Note that Megan Fox worn a Rolex Date Just!
HK Snob

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Does Rolex Oyster Watch have Transparent Base!?

Answer is " Yes"!
Ref. 1675, GMT-Master, Transparent Back Rolex, "Oyster Perpetual, GMT Master, Superlative Chronometer, Officially Certified," Ref. 1675. Made in 1961.
Cal. 1560, rhodium-plated, 25 jewels, straight-line lever escapement, monometallic balance adjusted to 5 positions and temperature, shock absorber, self-compensating free-sprung Breguet balance spring, Microstella regulating screws.
Dial, case and movement signed.
Diam. 40 mm. Thickness 13 mm.
Price $20,000-30,000
asked in an Auction.HK Snob

Back To Future

I have seen a lot of funny watches being used in the movie!
in " Kill Bill II", Uma Thurman Worn a Rolex Daytona that has Date and Day Display! A Fake Rolex!
In The movie "Amelia", more than two times in close up that Amelia Earhart worn a Quartz Watch, well that was talking about her long haut flight in 1937. First Quartz was invented by the Seiko 35SQ Astron, introduced to the Japanese market on Christmas Day, 1969! Another back to Future Watch in the movie Amelia!?
Please do not underestimate the ability in scrutinization of some of the Movie goers… The movies were multi million investment, how can this happen!?

HK Snob

Everything About Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega and Panerai

This is a great site that you have to go and find what is in your mind about your designated collection of either Rolex, Patek Philippe, Panerai, and Omega.
They supply Different topics in form of beautifully printed Book about the watches.
Interviews with the important people in the watch Industry. Picture, stories of the greatest Collection of Rolex Collections, and whatever you can think of about Rolex, the entire collection of individual Model…
Either you are expert, armature collectors, dealers, connoisseur and appreciator of Rolex, you got to go and look at this website.
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