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Puzzle and Stop at the junction of the Road for an Automatic or a Quartz Movement?

                                                                   Ref 5100, Rolex Quartz   

                                                          Dismantled part of Rolex Ref 17013
                                   Note Ref 17013 escapement fork working with the energizing coil
                                             A Cal  3135 dismantled watch parts for comparison

                                                           Ref 19019 on the Left and Ref 19018 on the Right

             Some beautiful samples of Rolex Day Just and Day Date in 1980 ad.

                                                   Celibrity wearing Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz
                             Rare and beautiful Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz Ref 19028 with Walnut Dial

                         Another mint Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz Ref 19028 with Egyptian with Chinese Date

                                                 Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz Egyptian Ref 19028

Puzzle and Stop at the junction of the Road for an Automatic or a Quartz Movement?
Is Electronic Quartz movement a Watch Collector’s Taboo!? How About Rolex OysterQuartz Watch Day Date?

Remember one of the ways to tell a Fake Rolex is looking at the second hand, if it is jumping once per second rather than to sweep smoothly. That is a Fake Rolex! Well, to most of the people yes, but there are totally 25,000 Rolex OysterQuartz watches produces between 1977 and 2003 so far, those are the legendary Rolex OysterQuartz.

Rolex made a new technology conquering other Swiss Watches by launching a Rolex OysterQuartz which was a migration from mechanical watch into Electronics Watch, Rolex obtained the first patent mechanical Electronics Quartz Watch back to 1952. Note that we are talking about mechanical Electronics Quartz Watch!

In fact, Rolex had announced the Digital LED Sport watch under Ref 7056 prototype, don't worry, it has not been on sales ever or if you got one, you will be very Rich!

In the book written by British Collector James M. Dowling “The best of Time” mentioned that there were 21 amongst 50 Rolex patents were related to Electronic watches. Rolex had spent million dollars on research and development about mechanical Electronics Quartz Watch.

In 1970 Rolex produced Ref 5100 with Beta-21 electronic movement, but that is no being recognized to be repairable by Rolex Service Centre anymore as of today. So if you had one, probably your will be true a collector item as there are only 1,000 units made in 1970.

In 1972 Rolex began to independently develop a quartz watch, breaking away from its shared project with the Centre Electronique Horologer which had led to the creation of the Quartz ref. 5100. Thus, in 1977 the Oysterquartz line came into being; this line was equipped with calibres 5025 and 5055 with an oscillation frequency four times faster than the earlier calibre Beta 21.
The frequency of the quartz crystal is calibrated on the basis of the external temperature measured by a special sensor; however it can also be adjusted manually in anticipation of its inevitable aging.

In 1978 the high level of precision electronic movement Rolex OysterQuartz obtained by the quartz crystal was rewarded by the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) with the inscription of ‘Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’ on the face of the watch at 6 o’ clock.

The Oysterquartz is produced in both Datejust and Day-Date versions with an elegant polished case, a bracelet modeled on the case and the respective punching positioned under the shoulders. Both models of the Oysterquartz line are made with sapphire crystal and have their reference and matriculation numbers engraved on the back.

Inside of Rolex OysterQuartz
First Rolex Quartz model, the Ref, 5100. built with Beta 21 in 1970, same Movement as Enicar and Omega was using. They made 1,000 pieces, afterwards, Rolex started to make Rolex’s Own Electronics Quartz movement.

After 5 years extensive research and development, Rolex finally introduced the Cal. 5035 on its DATEJUST and Cal. 5055 on the Famous Day-Date model that was 1978.

Lexus Hybrid IS600hi
Rolex OysterQuartz isn't the same animal as you think.
This are like the Lexus IS600hi Hybrid car that has motor driven by packs of battery cells and also by combustion engine for both economic, less carbon monoxide emission and at same time offer you an advantage using traditional fuel.
The heart of the time piece
Rolex OysterQuartz is an analogue thermo-compensation “11 jewel movement”; that was one of the world’s first that utilized the latest CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor technology) which has an advantage of low power consumption. And the heart of the digital time circuitry with a 32khz Quartz oscillator. That 32,768 Hz is the heart of the timing device, 32,000 Hertz means 32,000 bps (beat per second) per second, that is 32,000 x3600 = 115,200,000 cycle per hour. Comparing with the best Grand Seiko 36,000 cycle per minutes. 36,000x60= 2,160,000 cycle per hours.
That Quartz movement has a 53,333 times better in resolution.  As the resolution is the basis for the timing, that is to say it is nearly has 53 times better in the time keeping capability.

As Rolex Does not have 36,000 CPS, they have 28,800 cps, (1,728,000 ) that means for fulfilling a timing need, a Rolex Quartz is better than it Rolex mechanical watch at least 66.67 time better.

So in my experience, My Rolex Day Date Ref 19018 has an accuracy of approximately less than 2 seconds a year. By Rolex Specification, they ensure a Monthly accuracy is <0.33 Seconds that include the temperature effect.

So I had been feeling good about Rolex OysterQuartz as it is super accurate, and I think it is many times better than the Rolex Mechanical Watch of Day Date Model.

OysterQuartz Day Date
This was likely the Rolex’ most Accurate Movement. It was made under such a great care to treat it like a piece of Gem, highly polished. Beautifully insert into the Solid, Robust, Sturdy Oyster Case. I like the weight, as Ref 19018 is even heavier than a Ref 18039 Day Date, the strap gives you super comfort in wearing, the strap has a special consideration of thickness, not too thin to support the mass of the watch, yet not too thick to give you too much Gold on the strap. If I can order, I think the strap could be made even thicker by 0.5mm. It would like more in balance. And I get more gold from Rolex!

The Mechanical OysterQuartz Movement
The drive mechanism for the 5035/5055 is very similar to the design of a traditional mechanical watch escapement.  The pulse motor drives a pallet fork which in turn moves a pallet wheel.  This wheel drives the second hand at a 1:1 ratio with one tick per second.  The hour and minute hands are driven off this pallet wheel.  The loud "tick" you hear every second are the pallets engaging the pallet wheel.  That is why the tick of the 5035/5055 has such a unique sound and is very much like the tick of a mechanical watch, though at one tick per second rather than the eight ticks per second of a 28,800 bph Rolex Perpetual movement. This drive mechanism also ensures the second hand steps around the dial smartly with zero backlash since the hand is effectively locked in place by the pallet fork in between each beat.

The Datejust Oysterquartz is made in three versions:

-Ref. 17000 in steel with a smooth bezel and integrated Oyster bracelet

-Ref. 17013 in steel/gold with a ridged bezel and steel/gold Jubilee bracelet

-Ref. 17014 in steel with a white gold ridged bezel and steel Jubilee bracelet

The Rolex Day-Date Oysterquartz is available in two versions

-Ref. 19018 in yellow gold with integrated President style bracelet

-Ref. 19019 in white gold with integrated President style bracelet

Many Rolex Day Date comes with Birch, Oak, Walnut dial, and I have not seen a Lapis Lazuli Dial and I think I may have. If you get one! That will be more expensive than any other mechanical Model Ref 1803, Ref 18038, Ref 118238, Ref 18039 or Ref 18049.

So far I have Ref 17000, Ref 17013, Ref 19018 and I am long to have one Ref 19019, that is the ultimate best Watch for me!!

Price of OysterQuartz
-Ref. 17000 in steel with a smooth bezel and integrated Oyster bracelet. HKD$22,000

-Ref. 17013 in steel/gold with a ridged bezel and steel/gold Jubilee bracelet HKD$28,000

-Ref 19018 Plan Dial Yellow gold HKD$65,000

-Ref 19019 Plan Dial White Gold HKD$85,000

Special Birch, Oak, Walnut add on value min.  HKD$10,000 on the watch

I estimate that a Ref19018 with Lapis Lazuli Dial is Priced between HKD$120,000-140,000 White gold even more expensive!

My question is : Do we have OysterQuartz with Lapis Blue Dial!?

HK Snob


Susan J Niemi said...

i love Rolex OysterQuartz Watch. they are so classic. learned a lot about how to identify fake rolex watches. actually, i think cheaper a lot than authentic watch are fake ones. what do u think?

kiss time

HK Snob said...

Hi Kiss time, Susan,

First of all, thanks for your comment.
I love Rolex OysterQuartz too!
I know what other people thinking, Quartz Watch s not in the list of Collector’s item.
As many of the Swiss watch makers always carry words saying that Electronics watch is valueless, only mechanical watch is a treasure to the Collectors!
To me, certain extent it is true, but in other point of view it is not true.
Rolex has huge R&D in Quartz watch and electronic controller of their Own., they use probably the best electronic processor chip being made in that time 1970s till 2003. Yes, of course to me understanding those OysterQuartz watch of the 1990 and after should have a better reliability, as they are made by using the state of the art wire bonder, and Die Bonder, and this chip was made with the latest VSLI technology of Semiconductor manufacturing.
Rolex had had a system to filter the non-conforming chip board by burning in a hot cold chamber to read their performance, those are written in Rolex OysterQuartz catalogue.
And Rolex still have not less than 5,000 OysterQuartz movements in their warehouse I think as spare to support in the case of FAILURE. And I have been using more than 5 pieces of OysterQuartz Day Date I the past ten years. So far there is no single report of PROBLEM.
And I believe that watch can run at least more 30 years. So what do you think of? On the other hand It is BEAUTIFUL, I adore the case design and the matching bracelet., it is totally a new look of Rolex, it is modern and never look old.
More concern to be is their price, SO CHEAP, as most of the people is so afraid of OysterQuartz, they prefer Mechanical, the OsyterQuartz is left behind and no one to ask… Imagine a Solid gold watch of superb accuracy is asking just HKD$60K. There is 130 gram of Solid 18Kt gold!! Can you imagine how much you can get from selling the gold? At least HKD$35,000! So what you pay is just HKD$25000 for a Solid gold Rolex Day Date!!
Well, it is not hard to tell the watch is fake or not, and there is many article and method to tell,
You are right, if the price is too low, 90% is fake one, beware, and there is a lot of Frankenwatch in the internet on those Submariners, also we have to take care.. But I do not see any fake Rolex Day Date of OysterQuartz as there is no market on that, 99% you buy will be genuine Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz.
Just one small worry, is that someone may think you Rolex OysterQuartz is fake as they are told Rolex does not have “tick” jumping hand… Well it is the outsiders, who care….
HK Snob

John Burns said...

How can I find out take?