Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Watch & Wonders 2015


RD's New Yo-Yo?

Beautiful Watch Piece

New Overseas from VC

Most magnificent Booth 
Sky-net of Piaget at top took all the attractions away


Ah Sa

A Lange

Met mother of my Blog Fan , who wears same Watch as Mine

Ah Sa at a closer look

Some of the pictures we took at the first day of the Watch & Wonders at HK Convention Centre.

This year we do not see AP's booth at all, rest are all same as last years, theme. the location, and decorations were used again.  It seems I had went into 2014.

But it is a must to visit...Let's see how it goes next year.

HK Snob

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Do you have Spare part Issue for your Rolex? Look For Classic Watch Repair!

From left: Michael, Shing Hey (Dutch Snob) and the poor HK Snob at Classic Watch Repair

A big Screw for the Submariner Oyster Hatch Lock!

Over 300 Dials

Bezel sealed in Vacuum Pack with RFID

Your choice of Silicone Strap, with Rolex Model Number...

Can you see A Rolex Daytona Arab Blue Dial?

I see a Solid Gold Bracelet for your lady's Date just

If you bump into this shop, you will be amazed how come they have so many parts for your Rolex!?

Crown, Bracelets, Links, buckle, leather straps, dial, crystal, O-ring, tools....

Man, it takes you half day to see all...

Some of the part are for sales, and they are genuine stuff from Rolex! Bezels are sealed with Rolex RFIDs. Who could get this from Rolex,?Ask them...

Some of them are Collector's item...

Go to TST MTR D2 Exit Classic Watch Repair Look for Michael Young.
telelphone no. 21511777

HK Snob