Saturday, January 31, 2015

Watch Fever Club HI TEA 31 Jan 2015

There were lot of fun for such gathering to share watch collection experience.
Exchange of some of the buying tips on watches, know how on buying and selling watches.
One could learn a lot from each of us.

Like wine tasting, there were is no fun at all to drink alone home!
This is limited Sinn 250 pieces with Titanium case.

Kowloon Watch Company watch that its watch owner bought it with HK$25 in 60s'.

Limited 175 pieces Audemars Piguet Wempe Royal Oak Offshore.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay, the workhorse of a Muay Thai Boxer.

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Watch Fever Club

Recent Price War of Watches in Hong Kong

After Japan Rolex prices soared up 4% to 10% January, there is Rumour that Germany will increase price in Feburay.
Parallel watch importers are flying to Germany to snap all popular models back HK in the past two weeks.

After 15 Jan., most of the Hot items are not able to be found in Rolex AD and hands of the parallet watch dealer, likely this is purely business decision to keep the Watches for the Rolex official Price Adjustment in Febuary. Who does not want higher profit waiting for two weeks!?

So if you want to buy Rolex sport model you might have to look for a few more shops.

That is a bit surprise that Panerai had reduced price of ALL their model by 5% last week.

That is a Marketing decision, I think Panerai shouldn't reduce price as people dislike price reduction of luxuary watches.

In January, AP has already increase watch price by HKD$6,000 for all steel model such as 15400ST.

Patek Philippe had no changes of price as of this moment, may be after Chinese new years?

Lastest news that report by good freind who is now in Germany, Rolex has increased 7% on Rolex in Germany stariting 1 Feb 2015.

And It might be wise if you want to buy your favourite watch, got to be make a decision and got to be fast.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015





GS即Grand Seiko.




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Monday, January 26, 2015

These are the Watches that we can get for you at Discount!

These are hot Rolex that most people snap whenever price is going to increase.

After Japan price adustment 4% to 10% in January.

We heard that HK, Singapore and Germany will follow  with a price adjustment.

If you want to buy these watches at discount before the price changes,  contact us

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Brand New Watch now you can Pre-order at A Super Discount, the Plug & Feather Stone Watch!

Plug & Feather is a brand new watch brand - they make watches made from stones that they have sourced from around the world.  

They recently had a blowout Kickstarter campaign, doubled their target and are in the TOP 10 All-Time Watch Projects on Kickstarter

Now that the Kickstarter is over we are in the "pre-order" phase until March 2015 and are offering our watches at 50% off the regular retail price of $300.  Find them at

Hong Kong Watch Fever is a selected partner with them offering a special deal to all my audience! 

The deal would be a customized discount code for you on you for an ADDITIONAL 10% off the $150 pre-order price (already 50% off MSRP). 

They are also set-up a free watch give-away where they will give away one free watch to any of you who sign up for the mailing list.

The coupon code for you  is- DEAL15.

You just need to fill this code in the "COUPON" while filling their order. They will get 10-15 % (on top of the 50% discount on MSRP)

In all my past articles, everyone knows me that I am crazy about all special gem, stone dial on Rolex, such as Onyx, Maglite, marble, Meteorite etc.

This is a similar approach using stone making a unique watch for you, and they look great!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cartier Baignoire on sale

Cartier Baignoire 18KT Rose gold watch.
Three new crocodile strap
90% new full set un-dated.
HK $33,000

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80' Seiko KS on sale

The Seiko KS Hi-Beat 28,800
Automatic, sapphire crystal, new crocodile strap with Seiko buckle.
Gold Seal.

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A rare Cream Spot EX II Ref 16570 on sale

98% New Rare Cream Spot Explorer II full set asking HK$29,500.

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Watch Sold on 28 Jan

Friday, January 23, 2015

New Price update of Rolex Japan

What is the aftermath of Europe, Japan Rolex price Adjustment?
Obviously we can see many people can't wait to snap watches at your nearby Rolex AD in Singapore and HK.

According to managers at top three HK Rolex AD.
The sales has been increased since last week by 20% to 30% especially on Hot Models.

The managers remind staff tighten up the discount release.

Parallel importers is holding up their watch bought in Dec. 2014 whilst price was still low. 

GMT MASTER II BLUE BLACK parallel watch price increased by HK$1,000.

We speculate that Rolex HK will increase price 8% average estimated around Chinese New Year.

Personal Opinion only.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

After Europe, Then Japan and most Likey HK, Rolex will raise prices next month

We were told some of the European Watch shops had raised prices of Rolex 5% to 8% aleady.

Now Rolex Would increase the price on 1 Feb by 8% on Submariner, at same time Patek Philippinmight increase 4% to 5% in Japan.

HK, there is the chance to have price adjustment before the Chinese New year, my guess only.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

No Title

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Rolex's Most Expensive Three watches

A Man just came to HK to Search for these most expensive Watches From Rolex.

No. 1 GMT Master Ice Ref 116769 TBR HKD$4,400,000

No. 2. Submariner Emerald 116649 HKD$2,850,000

No. 3 Daytona in Platinum Ref 116576 TBR $1,207,500

These are rare species and not easy to be found, I have seen Submariner Emerald and Platinum Daytona at HKIA but were sold out.

There is still 2-3 few pieces at one of the watch AD in HK, as these are expensive items that normally AD does not stock up and there is no parallel import about these extraordinary items.

The about price are all listed price and this man is looking for the best discount he could before next price up-adjustment.

That is why I call him Tai Chi Cheung Sam Rolex (太極張三撈)!

HK Snob

Rolex Sales After Swiss Franc Appreciation in Singapore and Hong Kong!

Raffles Hotel branch of The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass Watch at Raffle Hotel, some 30 Rolexes were sold on Sunday alone.  This far outpaced the sales of other Swiss brands such as Hublot and Patek Philippe, which sold only two to four pieces that same day, said the sales staff. Mainly because of Swiss Franc had appreciate 20 percent on 15 Jan.

On any other day, Rolex sales typically taper off at around 10. Rolex declined to comment on when its new stock would come in, or when it planned to raise prices.

How About HK? What I could see is that one branch of Oriental Watch Company had a lot more customers since last Saturday, Chinese, local HKers, and foreigners, but the sales is not go as crazy as Singapore.  It is fact that the business was turning better since last Friday.

Will Rolex increase their price After CNY? well, let’s observe.

How About Europe? Many AD has increase 5 to 8% Already, will HK be exempted?

Original Article at Straits Times

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Factors for Success

Have guts to Change
Be Humble
Plan for the Worst

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Victorinox Super Tough 8 Ton Pressure

This watch arrives Manila, I saw it in Festival Mall at Alabang.
Selling price Peso 36,000 discounted to 22,000 (US$520)

This watch is claimed to be not damaged in Sulphuric and Chloric acid, and it can stand up 8 tons pressure. it  was found no damages after roll over by a 20 Tons Tank!

Super tough watch, uh!

I believe we get it cheaper in Hong Kong.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Purple Stella of Venice

Created on Samsung Note III 16 Jan 2015

This is a little river at Venice.

You should find two young lades, one man, and a diver wearing a Panerai under the waters....

Don't bother if you cannot get it.

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Japan and Korea is still a bit better than HK for Rolex Purchase

Rolex AD in Tokyo

This is still good pricing if you shop Rolex in Tokyo, Osaka and Nakaoka, Sandai...

This is one colleague went to Japan to buy Rolex

Take for an Example

Ref 116610LN is selling Yen 829,800 base on 14 Jan Exchange Rate Yen100 is HKD$6.65

That is HKD$54,422 after 5% discount and 8% VAT waived.

In HK if you are buying in AD, Ref 116610LN is $63,900 after 5% doscount will be $60,705.

GMT Master Bought in Seoul Airport on 15 Jan 2015

This is another Colleague went to buy in Seoul Airport for GMT Master II Ref 116710BLNR

Price after discount using VISA is HK dollars 59,000

But the Rolex has to ask him to put his name on it,
I would advise him to put name "Nonsuch" on it...

HK Snob

It Might be time to buy Rolex if you really need to have a Rolex as Swiss Franc soars high

The Swiss Central bank has abandoned its exchange rate control and cut interest rate to -0.75pc, sending the franc soaring against the single currency.

On 15th Jan., Swiss Franc soared high 20pc, it might be the time that you should speed up your Rolex or Other Swiss Watches before next price adjustment, in my opinion.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rolex Submariner, Deepsea on Sale

Ref 116610LV Submariner green Dial Green Bezel

  Ref 116610LN Submariner Black

Ref 116660 DeepSea Black

Brand new import watches Full Set with Full international Rolex Warrarnty.

Rolex Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV HKD$66,000
Dated Dec 2014
Rolex Sumariner Black Ref 116610LN HKD55,500
Dated Dec 2014
Rolex DeepSea Black Ref 116660  HKD$72,000
Dated Jan 2015

Ex-stock cash Deal
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The World's First Chronograph entirely made of Titanium by IWC for Porsche Design

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was one of the most recognizable and Iconic designers in 20th Century, see the success of Porsche 911.

F.A. Porsche or Butzi  was graduated from the Hoschule fur Gestaltung (HfG) design school in Ulm, a school founded by Max Bill a former student of Bauhaus in Dessau.

The Bauhaus logic is aesthetics of everyday’s objectives: pure functional,  the Bauhaus curriculum returns to basic materials, espousing geometry symmetry and contrast, no diamond was being used, subtlety, and pioneer of a minimalist.

Butzi in 1972 departed from the company after a family dispute with Dr. Ferdinand Piech and founded the Porsche Design Studio in Stuttgart. His first product was a wristwatch. Its appearance, focused on the essential concern of users, displaying time with the highest function of legibility. In addition to a matt black dial on which the white hands showed a great contrast. Porsche Design has been working with Orfina, then IWC started 1977 till 1997.

World's First Fountain Pen made of Titanium by Parker, called T1 in 1970
Courtesy Picture of

Don’t know if Butzi was influence by Parker who commemorated the Apollo 11 launched on Moon in 1969, they invented world first Fountain pen T1 entire made of titanium which the body and the nib is one piece. Due to the high cost and suffered low yield during manufacturing, it was made with very small number, now is one of the pen collector’s item.

Now this unusual watch is the World First Chronograph using titanium which is hard to extract, high cost and extremely difficult to manufacture.  To make the watch case, bezel, bracelet, thus this watch is light, since then it is the F.A Porsche favourite material for watches and it would be missed the Porsche-Design as it is entire made with sandblasted finish.

This is Porsche Design Titan Chronograph reference 3702 comes with titanium case, it was also bringing chronograph pushers inserted in the case-band and a fully integrated titanium bracelet. On the wrist, this watch was balanced and light, it is an sleek watch comes from Watch case and bracelet as ONE. No one does better as display is clear and legible, with a perfect contrast. It housed a self-winding movement under the reference 3732 (the JLC 361, supplied by Jaeger-LeCoultre and that could be found into the IWC Ingenieur).

World’s First volume production watch made of titanium
Perfect balance dial
highest legibility
Super Function with also a Date and Day display
Eye Catching Red Second hand
Super rare with full length of Bracelet and an adjuster Pin (Harder to find)
IWC movement
Comfortable to wear
42mm, super durable
It is a Porsche Design, timeless!


PS Watch Sold 17 Jan at watch club hi tea.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rolex Submariner Ref 16613 on Sale

Why we have always put ad on Selling Submariner Ref 16613, simply because of the huge demand of this watch.
 It is perhaps most important reason is that I happen to love the look of this watch.
I like gold watch, but it does not mean everyone likes the look of gold. Gold watches with gold bracelets can be a bit too much. But this Submariner brings the rich look of gold and still remains tasteful with some difference of all stainless steel 16610LN.
The blue dial combined with the silver-look of steel, and the polished 18k gold bezel and bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. It is perhaps the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen under price tag HK$100,000.

Another great reason to own is the caliber 3135. The 31 jewel caliber 3135 has been in service since 1989. In those 25 years of services, the 3135 has garnered a reputation as being one of the most reliable robust movements ever created.
So my friend, this is probably the 4th Ref 16613 since I put ad last year, full set except box at a price of HKD$43,800, it comes with original two tone bracelet and a brand new croco strap for you. Just arrive our hands from Rolex after their polishment... it is like new.

This is a price that you probably cannot find in the market under this  criteria.
1.       Two Tone
2.       40mm dive-watch
3.       All-Occasion wearing
4.       Reliable Movement in place
5.       Big name.

What else!?

HK Snob

Watch was sold on 11 Jan 2015