Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Rolex Day Date Ref 118238-83208-ZER on Sale

Rolex Day Date in Yellow Gold Ref 118238 36mm Watch dial Full of Diamond.

Series V (2009) Full Set with 22 Links

Superb Condition

Asking HK$235,000

Interested party please contact me.

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Collectible Daytona

Floating Word "Cosmograph" and Inverted "6"

Double Name "Tiffany & Co."

Double Name "Tiffany & Co." in Black

Daytona in Black

Double name, Inverted "6"

Double name and Inverted "6"

Watch out more on Phillips Auction end of May in Hong Kong.

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Rolex GMT Master II Ref 116710BLNR

The last one I have in May..


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The Original skipper’s Watch Rolex Yacht Master II Ref 116680 discontinued, new facelift issued.

2017 New released Yacht Master II Ref 116680

Last Version Ref 116680

I seldom talk about Yacht Master simple for one reason, It is expensive!
It is big, daring and eye-catching. and I used to have a 40mm one some year ago as I like it with Date.

This is a Skipper's Watch, you got to have a yacht, a ship, a boat, Sampan, Wala, Wala may order to use it on board... No! it is just a Sport model under Rolex.

Even you don't own a boat or you don't know how to swim, you still can wear this watch,
with exception, you got to have a big wrist as this is 44mm watch!

The top picture is the 2017 latest release

The one below is the one release a few years ago..

Can you tell the difference?

Well.. from Rolex Official Web site

it says:

Rolex is introducing the new Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II, its unique regatta chronograph dedicated to both yachting enthusiasts and experienced sailors. The Yacht-Master II is equipped with a new dial, and new hands that are characteristic of Rolex Professional models, enhancing legibility and sharpening its aesthetic appeal. 
The dial now features a triangular hour marker at 12 o’clock and a rectangular hour marker at 6 o’clock for more intuitive reading of the watch. A luminescent disc on the hour hand clearly distinguishes it from the minute hand.

This configuration is available for all Yacht-Master II models in 904L steel, the Everose Rolesor version (combining 904L steel and 18 ct Everose gold), in 18 ct yellow gold and in 18 ct white gold. Like all Rolex watches, the new Yacht‑Master II carries the Superlative Chronometer certification redefined by Rolex in 2015, which ensures singular performance on the wrist.
Let you make the best of your judge on the older and newer one.

The older one uses Pencil stick hour hands, which is enamel
The new is Benz Hands, same as Submariner.

The rest is not too much of an significant chance.

To end user, choose the new one, to Collector, take the older one.

I still have BNIB one 2017 watch with 5 years warranty available for you at HK$108,600

Ref 116680 YMII List price is HK$143,500 in Hong Kong.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

What is the Watch in the Picture!?

What is the watch King of Saudi is wearing?

Looks like a Chopard.

As close friend of him told me. He does not used to wear expensive watches as everyone knows he is wealthy, but his son is wearing very expensive watch.

HK Snob

Doxa has just terminated the contrcat with his embrassdor Alex Fong

Alex Fong, HK movie star had just been terminated contract with Doxa as their ambassador. reins was Alex was not wiling to do the things as on the contract after the watch event in Guangzhou 20 May.

Well, that is quite a surprise as all the advertisement was made with Alex Fong at the boutique, news media, that might have the consequence.

Doxa was immediately gains its publicity in facebook, news media and more than 100X people now know what Doxa is...

Is this termination of contract is part of the original contract?

Doxa is known to be the one who co-developed the Rolex Helium Release Valve on their Sea-Dweller diving watch in 1957.

HK Snob

The 2017 Rolex Watch has been sold in some of the AD...

These are some of the latest Rolex found in Hong Kong AD, well, only little volume is supplied and I think more will come to Hong Kong.

Note there is blue dial Skydweller in stainless steel. that might be one of the way to widen the market for SkyDweller.

Keep an eye on that.

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Montblanc Moonphase annual Calender Watch

I believe the list price f Montblanc would make you smile whilst sleeping and on the other hand pressurizes those bigger name like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille and or Vacheron Contantin...

This is a 18KT solid gold annual calendar watch with a beautiful Blue moonphase display,,,, limited to 238 pieces , List Price HK$89,900.

Do you agree what I just said?

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New Zenith Watch is available. check it out!

The new Zenith 42mm Chronograph made with Black Ceramicized Aluminum Ceramic is launched just today in Hong Kong.

It is a Beautifully balanced three dials design, I choose the black background with white small dial.

It will be a classic after certain years from now on. There should be no one questions about the movement, as it is the famous El Primero.

List price HK$71,300 I can get a less 2X % for you.

Next is the Zenith big Pilot made of Bronze.... a new introduction for those people who like this...

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rolex's Supply on their sport models is getting less and less!

This watch was sold to a Gentleman in Makati two days ago.

Since last November, I have notice that the supply of the Sport model namely Submariner, GMT Master , Explorer, Sea Dweller is getting less and less.

I used to get special discount like less 10% for years at Rolex AD, but it was not possible beginning of the year as they not even have stock.

Reason is Rolex wants to maintain a prestige brand image by reducing production bit trying to maintain the price.

So Don't ask me again until further notice to get discounted deal at AD for HK 888 Rolex :
Submariner, Daytona, Deep Sea, GMT Master, Explorer II.

So as the price of the watches.

The attached Submariner Two tone Ref 116613LB was supplied at a price of HK$78,500 to HK and Philippines from me on cash basis . but now it is HK$83,000

As it is really hard to get a price on my hands.

This is some of the gray dealer sale price , as a reference for you

DeepSea D blue Ref 116660 $95,000

Sea Dweller 116600 (discon. ) basically not available

Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV $70,000

GMT Master II Batman Ref 116710BLNR $69,000

Submariner Date 116610LN $59,000

Price is floating base on supply this is an average figure for your reference only.

Whatsapp me more if you want the update price information and supply status..

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RJ-Romain Jerome 's 2017 Pikachu Watch

This Pokémon Pikachu watch features a Tourbillon bridge that is made shape of Pikachu iconic lightening bolt. as an oscillating weight also shaped as Pikachu.

This Watch is available for only US$200,000

I don't think I can get discount like Rolex for you. Or should I say could you possibly get one!?

HK Snob

This Three Musketeers are Daytona Zenith Ref 16520 A series,

Submariner Ref 16610LN T25 dial 1994,

Sea-Dweller Ref 16600 year 2002.

What can you say more about these best new vintage Watches made by Rolex?

HK Snob

Sea Dweller Ref 16600

A Watch that could possible be having no more words to say, just you can tell from itself.

Rolex Sea Dweller, the professional diving watch that you can wear every day.

Bezel Insert is new, sapphire is new, case and bracelet is light polished by RSC, Hong Kong.


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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch on Sale

Royal Oak
Stainless Steel
Day Date and Moonphase
36.5mm diameter
Circa 1999  est.
Condition 90/100
Watch Only


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Rolex Ref 1500 "Cow's eye" ble dial on Sale

Ref 1500 Automatic Date Just with Cow's Eye Blue dial,

34mm Automatic with Oyster Bracelet.

Condition 90/100

It is ON sale HK$18,500

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