Saturday, August 17, 2013

What Matters Most is Material of Dial and The Case for the True Value of A Day Date

What Really Matter for Vintage Rolex is Colour of the Dial and Material for the Watch!
That is to our experience that the Colour of the dial, material of the dial and material of the Watch would determine the price of the Watch.
It is hard to point out the price of the watch and the material of the watch would draft a rough price level of it.
Platinum, very little of production, very high price!
White gold, much lesser than Yellow gold, but more than Platinum, middle price level
Yellow gold, a lot. Lower price
Dial, Lapis Blue with good gold dust distribution, highest price,
Then we can have African Mahogany, Birch, Oak, Stella Red, green blue…etc

Attached is Rolex Ref 18238 Yellow Gold with Aventurine dial, in mint condition, price HKD$130,000.
The one on right is my daily work horse now as my Ref 19049 Was sold already, OK as I made some profit after using for four years. See! What a good investment by buying Vintage Rolex Day Date!?
HK Snob

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