Friday, August 30, 2013

Probably Men Are Just Happier People if we could….after a Fantasy on Rolex Watches!

                       Vintage Rolex Oyster case contains a Hand craft dial

One day I asked myself why Rolex does not accept Custom design Rolex!?
As I may ask Rolex to put my name “HK Snob” on my Day Date on the dial, well if one day I could be famous, at least my daughter can put this Rolex for an Auction, she may get a fortune.
I may have a lot of good gimmick for Rolex as I always have fantasies that I can design a Rolex to capture more business. Why Rolex stop the most durable and accurate watch on earth. Even Patek Philippe produce Quartz why not Rolex!?

That is the Rolex OysterQuartz. And what if Basel 2014 Rolex will launch the Rolex OysteQuartz, my collection of the 80’s OysterQuartz will be revived!! And at least no one will come to ask why I wear a Fake Rolex… as many people has not seen a Quartz Rolex!!  LOL.
Aftermath, I had some other thinking, that if there if it really happen; I would be HAPPY!

I do not have to carry umbrella, just something spray on my body, it forms an instant dry water-mask.
I can make love two times in one hour and Eight times a week.
Woman never stare at my stomach when I am talking to them she should stare a few inches below.
I can go to cinema that can block the nuisance noise that the lousy chaps are chatting about the movies; Worst is those idiots have watched the movie more than one time!
I can have a seat every time I go to any restaurant I like, no advance booking needed.

Passengers would not be hurry to leave once the aircraft has gone into full stop.

Aircraft has a silent luggage cover during closing.
Hotel does not require check out *       
I can have a car that can be changed instantly from Ferrari into Maserati by pushing one button.
I can have magic paint to repair serious scratch lines on my car.
I come into a society that we do not have any marriage system.
Shirt that you can spray on.        
I could have my one 3D printer to print my tie before meeting my customers.
I can eat no-fat ice cream.
Shirt button never drop off.

The garage is all yours.
Every time the airline call my name right.
No one ask if I am relative of Ip Man (葉問) in Philippines as I am not.

                                                   HK Snob's idol, Friend and my Mother!
No more attending Wedding parties, they are more or less a kindergarten party now.
No more Shark fin in Chinese Dishes.
Chocolate is just another snack.
Car mechanics tell you the truth.
No Pain Dentist surgery.
I never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky.
Blot than can be locked up on either side.
New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet.
I can use my new phone with one click on the old phone for data transfer.
I don't have to renew my driving license, passport or ID card  anymore.
We have no business class, first class, just one class in one cabin such that I could have chance to sit beside Zhang Zi Yi.  Lucky that I had a chance to sit in Zhang ZiYi's Volvo when I was in China.

Zhang Zi Yi's Volvo
Note * I had one hotel already that I can check in check out anytime.. rest of the time no one would stay in the Room.

HK Snob
Sham Shui Po Snob

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