Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Hiking Watches

I used to have a Sunnto Hiking watch, then switched to a Tissot Touch Plus Titanium watch,
The Sunnto was gone due to my mistake in damaging the battery cover latch. Tissot was dead after using for three years and I sent to repair, Now is OK.. My next consideration is this Casio as I have seen a lot of Hikers are using this watch. Besides, I have a LL Bean which I recently used a lot for Hiking! LL bean is in fact Hamilton watch, built with simple solid piece of Steel plated with Chrome, hand wind, sturdy design. It can keep time well under extreme temperature conditions But it is a bit small in size.

The Casio Pro Trek. Triple Sensor, Tough Solar with Titanium strip.
There a few verison of diffferent prie tags, Made in Japan and Thailand have 2X price difference.

Friend of mine told me that there is another version that can have Radar-Satellite detection signal code included. Which mean, if some with loss in the jungle, signal transmission to tell helicopter the position!
Beitling used to have a special for Pilot that has a function of sending RF signal to nearby rescue station for alert. I have seen that, quite expensive!

HK Snob

Saturday, August 28, 2010

AP Royal Oak

This is a two tone with black Tantale and Pink gold case, diamond bezel,quartz movement for man. A watch from 90's, would it be a nice watch to wear!? HK Snob

Rolex with Onyx dial

This is a rare sample of Day Just solid gold with Onyx dial, comes with waranty certificates.
Another one is Day just solid gold with diamond on dial. The Smaller one on his left is boy size, today , it is for woman.
HK Snob

Grand Seiko 2008

This is a purely item for those who are collector, as it is hard to build a Grand Seiko and harder to find one outside Japan.

As This is a very special watch from Seiko which is running at 38,000 Cycle per hours. It is a challenge to the watch design in reliability particularly the escapement design, lubrication and friction control.

It was sold in HK for HKD$36,000.00.  Who Could Afford to buy a Seiko with this price!? As I said, only watch collector watch appreciator.

This is almost new, unused, with all boxes, certificates and booklets!

HK Snob

Piaget Polo

This is two lady wathes of the Polo Series, Quartz, of course who cares it is mechanical or not!?
More important is convenience and Beautiful oranment for those who can afford for putitng this on her wrist!

Polo was one of the most sucessful series by Piaget started in 1979. The unique design of the dial come with with the bracelet in harmony! After 30 years, we still find this is not out of the trend! As it is a piece of Classic from Piaget.

HK Snob

Special AP Auto Men's Wrist Watch

I have seen this watch was  in Some of the most decent watch shop in Tsim Sha Tsui 1990.
I had been watching in the window for hours and I could imagine that it was some of thes best Swiss Craftmanship that money can buy!.

Well, It is a Gold watch with likely the same movement of the Royal Oak 2130 movement, may be some modification. Full decor with carvings on the rotor, solid, heavy with the size of it, shinning, beautiful and most of all, Slim...Note that there is double shock absorber built for best reliability.

For hose who like to have a piece of dress watch for your ball. Of course, he must be at least 45 or more...who could admire the glorious days of HK in the 80's.

HK Snob

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seiko 200m Diver's watch, Automatic with attractive Orange dial

This is a new watch I bought yesterday, a Seiko, Traditional Automatic watch.
Automatic is alway preferred than Kinetic Power as the storage battery iniside the Seiko Kinetic Power watch will fail in 5-8 years. Then you have to send the watch for replcament, it is about HKD$150.00. So Kinetic is not too popular as it was launched some 10 years ago!
This Sieko is big at 42mm diameter, the dial has been sputerred with Luminous material with Big indictaing hands. I like the orange dial. That was the reason I bought it.

HK Snob

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Patek Philippe 3800 Nautilus Man's Watch


This is a PATEK PHILIPPLE Ref.3800/1G Calibre:335SC Self-winding watch. First Generation 'NAUTILUS', Excellent + Condition, well maintained. Of course, It is White Gold 750 Case with Bracelet ! Very Rare as last show up in CHRISTIE in 2008 for HKD$187,000.
If you miss the 3711 Jumbo size. which is beleive less than 100 pieces. This is the 36.5mm Man's Large size Watch.
Gerald Genta is the Designer for this Greatest sport watch design of Patek Philippe in 1976 after his most sucessful design of AP Royal Oak in 1972.
See their outlook comparison between these great watches!

HK Snob

Monday, August 16, 2010

Zenith Elite Pink Gold 38mm Automatic

A brand new unused Zenith 38mm Automatic 22K Rotor, with Power Reserve, Man's watch.
Zenith Solid Gold watch is one of the below value priced watch from Switzerland. Thin, big, Elegant, classic and durable... A watch for executives.

HK Snob

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Roger Dubuis, A Legendary Watch is borne

ROGER DUBUIS, an unique identity code
Whether a man’s or a woman’s watch, conventional or for sports wear, medium-sized or large, with a simple, complicated or grandly complicated movement, each watch signed Roger Dubuis expresses a strong personality through immediately recognisable identity codes.
Although each collection has its own features, they always comply with the four principles of the brand:
1. innovative design,
2. within current trends
3. exclusiveness and
4. high-end technical know how
Roger Dubuis’ idea of exclusiveness is not simply commercial, but in fact a philosophical resolve. That is why no highly complicated Roger Dubuis watch in precious metal is made in more than 28 examples. This figure is not just symbolic; it actually gives full meaning to the idea of exclusiveness to which the brand is profoundly committed.
Each product line reflects the DNA of the Maison ROGER DUBUIS.

Each Model is limited to either 28 or 88 Pieces, with price from minimum USD$20,000.They have established since 1995 and had already built their own 31 Caliber with Geneva Seal! That is extraordinary sucess for a young company of just 15 years.

I like Roger Dubuis as for their Philosophy 2 : within Current Trend. Their watch design is bold, elegant and attractive. Roger Dubuis maintains a well balance of beauty and watch uniqueness. And It does not go too extreme for over fashioned that may not be long lasting with time.
I hope some of their watch will become a Classic in future. I speculate that Roger Dubuis price would appreciate for certain Model, Like MuchMore and Excalbur after 10 years!

Let's watch out!

HK Snob

Rolex Daytona Two Tone

I had a Rolex Daytona Two Tone with Diamond dial in 1997. That was about HKD$57,000.00.
Now Similar watch is about HKD$100,000.00 That is a Double in 13 years.
I had a Rolex SST Date just Oyster in 1982, that was HKD$5,500.00.  Now Similar one is selling HKD$55,000.00.

In Short A Rolex Watch is 10 times more expensive in 28 Years, and 2 time in 13 years..

So you could expect that your Rolex value will appreciate when you wear it, But of course we can not expect that kind of hysterical appreciation on certain model of Patek Philippe.

Well that is another kind of watch.

HK Snob

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oris Automatic Man's watch

Oris has been doing a lot on some special limited watch since 1980. and Some of them is quite interesting in their design. However these few years, Oris is not doing as aggressive as it was 10 years ago.  This is a big Automatic watch with Date Day display. The Display design is bold and clear with the Orange hands, it is very sportive look!
The Movement is from the Largest Company ETA.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tudor Automatic man's watch

A 60's Tudor as it was having the "big Flower" as the trade mark at 12 O'clock position.
A man's watch for those who could not afford to buy a Rolex in the 60's and 70's., That was friends of mine liked to say about people who bought Tudor that time! Tudor was the sister brand of Rolex until 2000.
Most of the parts are being shared each other, like the cases, crown, bracelet... etc.. But I am sure this Tudor is interesting as the "Big Flower" is the one we would like to collect!

HK Snob

AP Chorometer with Taltale metal and 18 KT Gold

Tantale is a special material, heavy, hard and dark grey in colour, much heavir than Titanium. A Two Tones version, Chronometer, there is a small magnifying glass on top of the date window! A shadow of Rolex design.

HK Snob

Technomarine Mother of Pearl Dial with Diamond Lady Watch

Technomarine, with real diamond bezel!

HK Snob

Russian Made 14K Solid Gold watch

This is a Russian made 14K pink Gold watch with manual Winding. I asked the boss of the Restaurant near by Beta hotel in Moscow to show me..Of course in the eyes of today, this is a dwarf as of today's standard for the size of a watch. But she worn it on her wrist with some kind of elegency qnd graceful gesture...
She told me it was just USD500.00, 7 years ago, that is quite reasonable as it is solid gold.

HK Snob

Technomarine black Jet Spiral Spray dial with Diamonds

This is a new Technomarine lady watch with Diamond, Orginal price is HKD21,000.00., now, this is on crazy sales!

(Watch was sold )

HK Snob

Rolex Date Day Yellow Gold 1982

This is a Rolex Date Day, Circa 1982
This watch has been polished once, but the condition of the dial, the crown and the oyster cases should work perfectly in the respect of water resistant!

HK Snob

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Patek Philippe 3800 White Gold Watch for Man

Another Rare after 3700 White Gold Jumbo Nautilus, Auto Calibre model 3800, rare, believe to be less than 200 Pieces! Truely The best Sport watch for you to wear for work. No one would ask you why wearing it everyday as this great Nautilus is designed for you to wear everyday!!

HK Snob

Cartier Pasha with Blue Gemstones

Cartier with ETA Auto Caliber, big Date, matching Blue Gemstones and Leather Strap... Another similar one I am going to buy for SHE! or one of my Daughters!?
How Much!? Much Lower than a Rolex Stainless Steel Air King!

Why Not!?

HK Snob

Rolex GMT Master II Gold with big Blue and Red Cube Sugar

If this is a watch for your Friday night meeting with your new girl freind, or a party that you want everyone to recognize you 30 meters away... This is the Watch.....

Rolex Produces the cheapest gold watch, but this is not cheap as it has been embedded with big diamonds...not only on the bezel as of the older model, also on the oyster case!

By the way, have you seen a pilot wearing this Watch? ever!?

HK Snob

Seiko GS 38000

Seiko GS 36,000 Beat, was introduced in the Seventy... It is designed for fight back to the Quartz Watch by using Mechanical Caliber with high Frequency of 36,000 per hour. This is unique, if you wear this into the watch show, someone may mock at you. But if who knows what Grand Seiko is, will definitely Salute to you! HK Snob