Thursday, December 23, 2010

Younger look of Rolex Day Date Purple-Blue Dial with Diamond

After I custom ordered a Purple-Blue Croco strap, this Rolex Day Date does not look so mature and sophisticated as it used to be, in fact this Rolex can be worne by man of age below 35 and Woman of age 25. Believe me, three out of 4 men and 4 out of four women has the same criticism as mine! HK Snob

Friday, December 17, 2010

T-Shirt with Rolex Logo

This is a Tee-shirt sent from a friend in the distant UK. Might be a souvenir from Rolex Sponsor Golf Tournament or some special event similar...I have not seen it in Hong Kong yet.

HK Snob

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vintage Patek Philippe 38mm chronograph with moonphase

This is a watch being extensively used for more than 20 years, watch of a Dutch friend of mine.

Of course from "Plating" of the gold, we know that this is not authentic Patek Pilippe Watch. As genuine Patek Philippe does not have "Gold Plated Watch"!

We do not encourge to buy this kind of watch, but in fact the quality of the Calibre is good at least lasting for 20 years.

However the time keeping is bad and the plating is gone, looks awful, there is nothing Patek at all

HK Snob

CARTIER Pasha Big-Size (38mm.) with Dimond's Grid. High-Grade Movement. Auto.

HK Snob

Friday, December 10, 2010

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar

AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak  Ref.25820.OO.0944ST.04 Perpetual Calendar (39mm)

This is a beautiful example of an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Stainless Stain case with transparent see-through back.

A finely hand crafted 22 Kt Rotor, beautiful workmanship on the Thin Calibre. Dependable, stylish, elegant, quite Expensive.
Light to wear, low profile white metal case, water resistant, high wearing comfort with the flexible bracelet. It offers you a good and detail date day display and accurate time keeping.

HK Snob

Cartier Pasha Chrono 38mm Pt 950 bezel Limited Edition 500 Pieces

CARTIER Ref.W3105155 PASHA Chrono. 38mm.

Platinum Pt 950 Bezel.

(Limited Edition of 500 pieces Only)

Auto. High-Grade Movement.

Calibre:( Base on F.Piguet.1185 )


BREGUET-Horloger de la Marine.

BLANCPAIN-Leman. (Use the Same Movement).

Black Dial, S.S. case with Sapphire Crystal Case back, Alligator Strap with Deployant.

HK Snob

Sunday, December 5, 2010

de Grisogona Meccanico dG No.3 Titane

A Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve's Award for Public Prize.

de Grisogona Meccanico dG No.3 Titane is a mechanical manual winding watch, dual time display, analogue hands display on the top portion, and a "7 segnments" digital display by the same core movment.

Please note that this is not a digital quartz watch!!

HK Snob

Tissot Touch is my Hiking Watch

This is my second Titanium Touch Hiking Watch, also made with Titanium with Chromium colour like mirror polishing surface. Super Light that fits for Hiking, from Tissot.

HK Snob

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Frank Muller Conquistador Grand Prix Chronograph Turbillion Watch

Last September 2009. FM has launched a New Series of Watch: Singapore Grand Prix Racing Chronograph brought to the public the new watch manufacturing technology and inspired new watch design, a blending of Sportive with classic watch case design.
This Year, continued to pursue a new watch design. Conquistador Tourbillion
An Ergal made of Frank Muller’s classic Cintree Curves case with Plated with RED, contains the superb Calibre inside. The size of the watch is 48mm x 62.7mm x 14.6mm. Matching hand sew crocodile strap with Red Thread that has become a Fashion for the strap. The Small White Triangle at the 6 O’clock position is the second hand. Besides Ergal material, FM offers Rose gold and Titanium and White Gold and Titanium versions for your selections.

The Beautiful case contains the Cal. FM 2001, with 6 hours power reserve. Vibration of 18,000 p/hour.

HK Snob

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Ref. 25863T1

This is not the watch for me as my wrist is not big enouh to carry such watch!
This is made of Titanium, with Super Jumbo Size of 57mm with measurement including the crown.
Cal. 2226/2480 with 54 jewels. Watch proof.

The Christie's Final bid came to USD$30,000.00. I think that this watch is losing his glory as comparing with the time Arnold worn it as on the Terminators III in 2003. is an Limited to 750 pieces.

USD$30,000.00 is considered Good deal!

HK Snob

Roger Dubuis Golden Square Cal. RD 02 in New York Christie's

A RD bold design calls all kinds of "Watch Out" attention. Square of 41mm, Water proof with a Titanium Case. Comes with orginal Cerificates and waranty card. An Auction price of USD$37,500.00 in New York Christie's in 15 Dec 2009. Is that a Good deal!. All depends what you are looking for!
HK Snob

Rolex Ref. 16610 Submariner in Christie's Action

This Green Bezel stainless steel Submariner has been in the market for a few years, rumours of a limited production model, Over selling price in Hong Kong has occurred. And had been one of the hits of Rolex in HK.
This watch was sold at New York Christie's Auction on 15 Dec 2009 at USD$7,500.00.
That is higher that the official List price of Rolex.  This action price further confirms that this Rolex Model is Really a LIMITED production! So next time you see it, do not miss the chance to buy one.

HK Snob

Vantage Rolex Day Just in Christie's New York 2009

Under the title of "Important Watches" in New York Christie's Auction 15 Dec 2009.
This 18K Yellow Gold Rolex Ref. 6605 Oyster Perpetual Day Just, 36mm Cal.1065 25 jewels, Circa 1952.
A Red Day Just marking on the dial does not likely bring with any kind of speciality. Surprisely, this watch was sold at USD$30,000 including commision.
Sometimes it is hard to imagine that watch of this kind can reach such a high auction price!

HK Snob

My Rolex Day Date for Work

This is my Rolex DD for my daily work in Office and occasional overseas travelling.
This is super accurate with approximatley gain of 1-2 seconds a day. A special Made alligator strap with a folding buckle taken out from a Rolex Stainless steel day just. It is functioanl, low profile, reliable...and one of the best choice for everyday's use.

HK Snob

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bangkok Siam Paragon Watch Expo 16 Nov -6 Dec 2010

In the most prominent department store of Bangkok, I went through the Watch Expo last week.
Lots of watches, approximately  20,000 watches displayed...including, FM, Omega, ToyWatch, Tissot, Seiko, Citizen, Beitling, Corum, VC and many many other brands are available.
It is Free of Charge, but I did not find too many visitors.
Paragon is a place for the rich and famous for shopping,. There are Porsche, IWC, Cartier, Louis Vitton, Channel, Masarati, Lamborghini, Lotus, Audi, BMW... B&W, B&O plus many other leading consumers products you may like it. Siam Paragon is one of the best placess for shopping in Bangkok. Don't miss it!

HK Snob

Cartier Santos 100

This is my Cartier Black body with Matt Square bezel, sturdy plastic strap, comfortable, water resistant, accirate. Only drawback is having no date, too simply dial design. Watch for Friday probably!

HK Snob

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HK Snob' AP Royal Oak Jumbo 1972

This is an AP Royal Oak First generation, belove that has been manufacturing less than 200 pcs in that years. I think this watch was selling at HKD$9,800. At that time an Unit of Mei Fu Sun Chuen was selling at HKD$50,000.00. HKD$9,800 was a lot of money at that time.
HK Snob

Monday, November 15, 2010

HK Snob's Rolex Watch

This Blue-purple Dial Day-Date is one of my favourite Rolex I wear to serve my customers....

The Cuff link is made of clay material with matching Blue Colour.  The Gold Watch for Snob and the watch for a poor chap like I. As I always say, Rolex Gold watch is the cheapest I can find in this market and value will not be depreciated after years.

HK Snob.

Rolex Ref. 18038 Day-Date with Green Dial Yellow Gold Watch

This is another Rolex Day-Date Yellow Gold With fading jade colour dial. Green is Common but Green with Diamond isn't! Year 1987.S/N RXXXXXX. In Excellent Condition!
HK Snob

Saturday, November 6, 2010

How Does Rolex manufacture the waterproof case for your Beautiful Oyster Perpetual Watch?

Solid Oyster Case
The Founder of Rolex Hans Wilsdorf, who created this name “Oyster” to the World’s first waterproof wrist watch in 1926. All Rolex Oyster are warranted pressure proof to a depth of minimum 300 feet/100m and for some special model up to 4,000 feet.

How the oyster case is made

Each of the Oyster case is stamped out from a solid block of stainless steel, 18kt solid good or solid platinum. I remember that the TV ad in 1985 had this description:” Each Rolex Oyster case is made at least 162 separate operations are necessary to transform the metal block into an Oyster case, a further 32 operations are needed to manufacture the Twinlock winding Crown, nearly all finishing is done by hand”.
The Pressure-proof case
After we have made a strong flawless solid case, the next challenge is the pressure–proof concern. This is a major problem for watch makers for a very long time. There are three areas that we have to seal, the case, the winding crown and the crystal case.

Oyster Case

Rolex found an excellent answer to this question. The high precision and great care that are presented thorough the manufacturer of an Oyster result in case is virtually a miniature “Safe”, extremely strong and practically indestructible.

Twinlock and Triplock

Traditional Winding stem of a wrist watch presents one of the main obstacles to waterproofing; Rolex overcame it with the invention of a winding crown that crews down on to the case.

Twinlock crown interprets double protection requires no les than 32 operations. It is machined with exacting precision and screws on to the case. It can be compared as the hatch of a submarine and is fully effective in protecting the movement, make it a solid single piece, water tight safe! The Triplock crown offer triple protection and this invention were perfected by Rolex for its diving watches. Some of these models are warranted pressure-proof to depth of 1,000 feet, 2,000 feet even 4,000 feet. The tree dots on the winding crown make it easy to distinguish a “Triplock” from a “Twinlock”.

Crystal and the case

The crystal or watch glass is either made of a scratch-resistant synthetic sapphire or a virtually unbreakable plastic material, both fir the case with precision, Then the bezel, is inserted, primarily for decorative purposes. Finally the back is screwed into the Oyster case and a combination of extremely accurate threading and a special joint o-ring inured a perfect pressure-proof seal for all oyster cases.
The Oyster Case is a chunk of heavy Solid Gold

I used to wear Oyster Day-Date as they have only Gold versions, the whole piece of Watch is made of solid gold. Gold is one of the precious metal, it does not oxide easily and it is highly resistant to corrosion, being a symbol of wealth and a store of value throughout history. Gold watch is having a 3 times the price of the Stainless steel Rolex.

The Rolex OysterQuartz 18kt Yellow gold Day-date weighs 3.73 tael, approx. 144 grams.

An Oyster Perpetual 18kt yellow gold Day-Date weighs approx 3.5 tael,

The gold value is approximately HKD$35,000. USD$4,300.00!

If the Quality of the watch is recognized first because of its technical excellence. It is noticed even more when the famous wear it. It is quite common that Rolex has been selected by the leaders of industry, exploration, mountaineering, engineering, the arts, science, the military, the oceanographic field, celebrities, performing artist., racers, CEOs, movie star., Note that the name of “Rolex” has been first appeared in the Movie “Die Hard” as John McClane wife Holly received s lady Datejust two tone as a gift form her company.

If I am asked to choose all time favourite watch, I have no hesitation to select Rolex Day-Date yellow gold! As it is durable, reliable, Sportive, waterproofing, shock-resistant, beautiful, accurate and Most important… affordable…
Rolex Solid Gold watch is one of the watches that you can buy under the budget.

HK Snob

Thursday, November 4, 2010

HK Snob and The Roger Dubuis Much More

Roger Dubuis Much More is the watch for HK Snob at work, big, large and easy to read those Date and Moon phases. Very Accurate, Very beautiful Salmon dial, extra high transparency quality Sapphire Crystal of curvature shape. It is likely very hard to polish as it is very thin. The transparent bottom is also covered by another Sapphire which is also curved in cross-section. The top Sapphire crystal itself would cost more than USD$1,000.00 to fabricate. List Price HKD$553,000.00. Only 28 pieces were made. This watch was made in 2003, tested, measured, and adjusted and was inserted into the big chunk of gold case in 2007 before shipping to customer! HK Snob

Patek Philippe Calatrava Yellow Gold

It is a Calatrava watch of 2008, 98% new , with certificates and box. HKD$63,888.00.

HK Snob

Rolex Day Just Boy Size PT950 Oyster Perpetual

This is a Platinum Boy Size Rolex Date Just, it is very heavy and dense. Highly decorated by some Diamonds on dial and bezel, I think under the current trend for watch. This is best fit to be worn by Women of 1.7M.
HK Snob

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Most Beautiful Purple Blue Dial Rolex Day Date Yellow Gold

This is the most beautiful Blue-Purple Colour dial Day Date! Very rare Colour for men!! Or lady! HKD$58,888.88 with certificates and box!
The dial is not blue, but is bluish Purple, I have been collecting Rolex for 30 years, this is the first time I saw with such amazing Colour!

HK Snob

Cartier Santos Men's 1996

I bought this watch during Asian economic meltdown 1997 in Thailand as their Baht exchange rate dropped by 100%. It was a very good deal and I gave it to someone after I returned HK. This is another one. It looks Like new...She should not bother whether it is mechanical or quartz movement at all.  HKD$9,888.88.

HK Snob

Rolex Ref. 14238 Solid Yellow 18KT Gold 34mm with Rivet Oyster Bracelet

This is a beautiful unisex model for men or women, causal watch for all occasions.Neat, simple and classic 3,6, 9 dial design, a solid gold verison of Explorer I. HKD$58,888.8

HK Snob

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rolex's Flagship Day Date is the President's Watch

Ten points I like to wear a Day Date most amongst all Rolex Models.

1 Probably I am aged and need something to remind me both the day and Date.

2. The Display window of the Day is situated at the “12” O’clock position, that is ONLY Rolex has such a design since 1955.

3. Day Date is that it bearing the same age as I am.

4. Day Date does not come with stainless steel, only Gold or Platinum.

5. Rumour of Rolex used the Class A Calibre into Day Date Case.

6. Day Date can be used as sportive watch, as it is extremely tough and water resistant.

7. Day Date is also called “President’s Watch”!

8. All my Day Date is extremely accurate, most of them has a accuracy of 23ppm, (less than 2 seconds a day)

9, The size is just right.

10. Overall, it is Beautiful!

More about Day Date

Day Date was Patented July 23. 1955 – It was officially Released in 1956 after Rolex had been enjoying quite a barren spell in the sale of its manufactured complicated timepieces it soon began to revive fortune. The new 6511 the "Day Date" had a window at 12 spelling out the day at 12 and the date was shown at 3. Due to the additional complexity of the watch, with its automatic movement, additional day and date discs and a screw down back it was a very large at that time and thick watch which gave it presence on the wrist. Introduced as a niche model it soon gained the popularity it deserves and after the introduction of the concealed clasp concealed clasp was offer as $75 option in 1969) it was known as the "President".
The Day Date gradually became Rolex's flagship. The first model (6511) lasted just over a year before it was replaced by the externally identical 6611. This model featured the new caliber 1055 movement with its free sprung Micro-Stella balance and was the first to be labeled " Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified" on the dial. This new accuracy standard guaranteed the watch to remain within + 3.0 seconds per day. In 1959 caliber 1055 was replaced with caliber 1555 in model 1803 (18,000bph) and later in year 1965 - model 1803 received caliber 1556 (19,800bph). In 1977 caliber 3055 (quick-set) was introduced in model 18038 and in 1988 caliber 3155 (double quick-set) was introduced in model 18238.

Caliber 3155 is the caliber still used today in all Day-Date models.

The Day Date earned the nickname the "President" when Rolex reportedly gave one to the then President of the United States Dwight Eisenhower. Some sources say that President Eisenhower was actually given a Datejust (not Day-Date) with the presidential style bracelet. But it is a fact that several other US presidents are known to wear Day-Date (Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan).

These early models did not have the hack feature and appeared rather bulky. In their never ending quest to modernize the basic configuration of the Day Date, Rolex designers have changed from the bulbous bubble-back look of the early models to the slimmer shape employed today.

With only a few mild case design changes over the years the first modification to the Day Date was the addition of the hack feature in about 1972. This allowed the second hand to be stopped dead if you wanted to set the time via a preset accurate source. At this time the shape of the head was essentially the same as it is today. The Day Date was available in white gold, yellow gold, pink gold and platinum although in early 70's the pink gold watch was fazed out.

The " Quick set " feature (caliber 3055) solved one of the watches biggest problems. Introduced in the late 1970's Quick set was added to all Rolex models by 1983. Instead of turning the crown round and round to change the date the wearer could just pull the button out half way and a few turns at most and the correct date was displayed.

The introduction of the quick set feature also coincided with other developments for the Day Date. The inclusion of the sapphire crystal not only gave the watch a sleeker look but also added to the durability. The sapphire crystal fitted tighter than the plastic glass employed before and rendered the watch glass scratch proof. The early Day Date models were waterproof to 165 feet ( 50 meters) while the current model is safe at depths of up to 100 meters. At the same time the current model is less "fat" as the old one.

In addition to the advancements structurally and internally Rolex introduced a new number system that is still in use for today on some models. They added an extra digit to the model number. This number although denoted a new line actually represented the material the watch was when it left the product line.

Introduced in 1988/89 was the "Double Quick Set" watch with caliber 3155. This was model 18238 and it made the setting of the Day and Date even easier as they could both be done on the button. Rolex has also increasingly expanded their "Crown Collection" to include all types of precious stones by now although they were available with diamonds on the bezel from their introduction.

From the end of 2000 the Day Date has been available in pink gold again. The watch has also been introduced with slightly redesigned case with polished lugs, smooth bezel is now domed, a domed sapphire crystal, solid center links on now heavier bracelet and can also come on an oyster bracelet to bring it in line with many of their other models.

The Day Date across the world has become synonymous with taste, class and style. This watch remains one of the most prestigious men's accessory.

HK Snob

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rolex List Price September 2010 part 1

I have received the lastest Rolex List price valid on 28 Sept 2010. Amazingly to see that Rolex has so many variety of watch...

Note that there is a great potential appreacition for Rolex as a watch for life... worth your consideration to invest on it... The best is Platinum Day Date, White/yellow Gold Day Date, Rose Gold Daytona etc... You can select the best model you like from the web site and check for the price it should be. Rolex Price is quite standard over all Authorized Dealers in Hong Kong. And I am sure there are shops nearby your place for your Rolex purchase, Oriental, Chow Sang Sang, King Fook, Chow Tai Fook, Dickson, Prince, Geneva, Tak Shing...etc.

My favourite watches are still, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemar Piguet, Roger Dubuis, Frank Muller, Vercheron Constantin, IWC, Jaeger LeCoutle, Cartier, Blanpain...

There is some technical issue that I can not upload the 10MB file... I have to figure out may be break down into smaller few files.
HK Snob

The Most Expensive Rolex Watch

Rolex is one of the world’s 100 most valuable brands. The World largest Production for Certified Chronometer. The Swiss company’s timepieces are almost synonymous with wealth and status, but Rolex is surprisingly absent from the list of the world’s top ten most expensive watches. In fact I can say Rolex is likely having Cheapest Solid Gold watch from Switzerland. That’s why we’ve decided to let you know about the most expensive Rolex watches in the world.

The most expensive Rolex ever sold at auction was a “Paul Newman” Rolex Oyster Cosmograph “Daytona” sold at a Sotheby’s event in June, 2003. This prototype wristwatch, featuring a red dial and black sub-dials, was produced in 1979. It sold for US $350,000.

HK Snob

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Double Tourbillon

Roger Dubuis Design is bold, updated and Innovative, They have introduced a Skeleton Excalibur Double Tourbillon which is so attractive...As attached Picture.

HK Snob

Technomarine Diamond Bezel Watch for Men

This Technomarine has 2 Carat Real Diamonds set on the bezel.

HK Snob

Rolex Ref.116528 Daytona

This is excellent ++ Rolex Ref.116528 New movement from Rolex, old one is using Zenith El Primero movement. This Rolex is using Rolex movement. With 290 components, that is simple enough to maintain highly reliable operation for many years. Power reserve up to 72 hours and 66 hours when Chromometer is on.

Decorated with a Sharp Red hand. Sleek and Beaufiful sportive Watch.

HK Snob

Rolex Ref. 18038 Day Date 18K Yellow Gold Gem Stone Dial Men's Watch

ROLEX Ref.18038 DAY-DATE 18K Yellow Gold 原裝帶,自動,石面,條字.
This is rare as Rolex is quite reluctant to product Gem Stone Dial watch due to the process is tedious.
This is another example of Day Date, like Wine someone like it strong and someone likes it to be gentle and mild. This Gem stone has a very high contract. Quite an Attractive watch.

HK Snob

Patek Philippe Calatrava Manual Wound Men's Watch

Patek Philippe, CALATRAVA
Calibre:215 Manually-wound.
18K White Gold. (34MM.)

P.P.18K White Gold Buckle & P.P.Croco.Leather

Geneva Seal Hallmarked.  Adjusted to Five Positions.

Very Elegant Classic Patek Philippe Like New. Full Certificates and Orginal Packing material.

HK Snob

Gigantic Panerai With Diamond Bezel

This is a special modified Panerai watch for a lady, who Loves Panerai and the brilliant glister of the diamonds. However,  I do not think that is an good combination for men!

HK Snob

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Rare Rolex Day Date Yellow Gold Ref. 1803

This is a vintage 1976 Rolex Solid Gold Day Date Ref. 1803, everything is orginal, case has not been polished, everything is untouched, keep in excellent condition as the beacelet is straight and not deformed. not much sign for wearing. Plastic Crystal of course, only until 1979 Rolex issued the watch with Sapphire crystal. very accuracy, I have been tested on my Rolex Winder, it gains about 2 second a day. It is rare as it has 10 diamonds on the dial, you know that tiny 10 diamond-dial would cost an office clerk's 2 months salary in the year 1976... 
This is the Flag ship of Rolex, a relaible and honesty partner for old man like me. CLASSIC!\
HK Snob

Friday, October 15, 2010

Brequet Classique 3755 Skeleton Wristwatch in Platinum, with Tourbillon and perpetual Calendar

This is a rare skeletonized movement that takes technological refinement to the highest extreme in a interlacing of in-house polished and engraved parts. Many hours of hand craftmanship for ssuch a beautiful watch by the master of Brequet. Hand-wouned movement with tourbillon and perpetual calendar showing th day, month and leap year!!
Hong Kong retail price is HKD$1,786,200.00 , available at Prince Jewellery and Watch Company.
HK Snob

IWC Men's IW371417 Portuguese Chronograph Automatic Watch

Since I had the first IWC Engineer in 1965 and then another Yellow old Square format Automatic IWC, followed with another Round shap 34mm Solid Gold manual wind Watch, this is another IWC latest design for leading the fashion with bold dial design with Chronometer function that might fit for the men aged 25-35! HK Snob