Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cartier ID One Concept Watch

I like Mechanical watches as they are made by tedious effort as the Swiss finest grail of horological pursuits. Most of the mechanical watches is always repairable, not like some of the quartz watch that the microprocessor chip may be dead after 45 years due to the copper diffusion up to the gold plated PCB substrates, or the moisture absorption of the PCB that causes Oxidation on the electrical joints? But somehow your mechanical watch though is sealed in a sturdy case; completely no moisture can enter, after many years of operation, the finest smooth surface will have more or less some accumulated wear and tear, the finest grade lubrication oil made from Whale, the oil would dry after years of temperature changes and ten million of mechanical contacts. Cartier is a name used to be linked up with Beautiful design, inlayed with a lot of diamonds, using a lot of different precious metal to build their watches. A “appearance of badly twisted watch” that has laid with some diamonds in a quartz movement can be selling at HKD$500,000.00. And who cares it is built with what kind of watches movement inside the beautiful cases, Cartier, Piaget, ETA, Jaeger … For years the Cartier is not a leader for his watches accuracy, precision and mechanical design excellence. Time has changed; Cartier is seeking all ways for build up a technological level to come in par with the best Swiss watch makers. Is there a need to create complete service free, adjustment free watch and requires no regulation during the whole life of the watch?! In fact this is the design concept of this Watch.. ID One from Cartier, ID means Innovation Development No. 1! We can see a lot of new technology was built in this Balloon Bleu shaped 46mm wide Concept watch in spacey sounding material called Niobium Titanium, a kind of Titanium Alloy that goes well with your skin, highly resistant to the your sweat, light and yet strong! Zerodur Hairspring that is made of Ceramic and Glass that is insensitive to change of temperature, no effect under magnetic field, an essential factor for good time keeping ability. Cartier has applied Carbon Crystal to make the balance wheel, escape wheel and lever. Carbon Crystal is a diamond-like material with adorable hardness. And no need to be lubricated. Cartier has equipped the Id one with an exclusive escapement cage that is effectively shock resistant; they use the most common plastic like material to act as shock absorber to the escapement cage. Plastic in a watch, that has is not new already as AP has been broadly introduced many colorful plastic like material for building their watches! But Honestly, I still feel that Plastic inside the watch may not be good enough to give ma a kind of secure feeling that the Plastic would not deformed after years, would not be creating some plastic debris that would be a kind of contamination to the watch. And this kind of technology would be one day able to use Machine to turn out part in a second and then the people would just have to assemble the pieces one by one and that wild be a Swiss watch you can only buy years of your salaries! Will that day come? I am sure that it might be soon!!? So Please keep you Patek Philippe in a good condition as the price will be appreciate even faster after 20 years, only you have to worry there may not be many good skillful mechanics that can take care your watch as it was built 40 years Ago.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Champange Court

This is a place that most of the camera collectors should know. We had been buying camera in the 70's in Champange Court. Recently there are a lot of new Watch shop selling new and used watches there.
A lot of local and or foreigners come to shop watches there. There are about 10 Watch shop and about 8 camera shops there.

It is just beside Mira Hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station with Exit to Kimberley Road.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Piaget and Verachon Constantin Thin Watches

Super thin watch is hard to build, though there is no complicated function, since 1960, I started to appreciate thin watch as my father tough me the difficulties in making thin watch.

Nowadays, the watch are huge and thick, I really do not appreciate them.. If the watch trend is big, OK we can make it big, but Do not make it so thick, as this is too easy to make…

SIHH 2020 watch show is ready and we can see Piaget and Vacheron Constantin are preparing some of the simple but ultra thin watch to be displayed.

Piaget has been using painstaking effort in making thin watch since 1957. the 2 mm thick 9P hand wind watch shocked the world, after two years, the Automatic version 12P was official launched in 1960. That was the world record for Automatic watch of 2 mm thickness!

2010, Piaget celebrates his thin watch that has been built for 50 years, they created the 1208P

which is a 2.35 mm automatic watch with 48 hours power reserve , it is the world’s thinnest watch!

This design come with the Antiplano series, 43mm dia. Total thickness is 5.25 mm. World Thinnest Automatic watch with the second hand being located at the 4 o’clock position. Elegancy, thin and beautiful!

Another Watch masterpiece VC, Verachon Constantin builds two watches Historique 1955 and 1968, which was the classic of 50’s and 60’s as for their thin profile and precision.

Historque 1955 fit with a 1003 hand wind caliber which is the World thinnest hand wind watch, Geneve seal, classic circle dial with 18CT gold. Historque 1968 is a classic square adopting 1120 Calibre with a new rotor, Geneve Seal. Since it is not as easy as you can think to design and fabricate thin watch, These two greatest watches might create some of the new trend of watch fashion. Large, thin, simple and classic...

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tissot Touch Sport watch

Touch is a new technology of Tissot. It has been quite an unique design on watch, and more and more Different design of sport watch or divers' watch are produced by Tissot.

Attached is the Hiking watch I used to put on.. Entirely made of Titinmum, very sturdy, light and comfortable

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More About Movado Museum Watch

Watch is a way to tell your personal character, beside it is a time pieces. Movado has been one of the beautify design on his dial

Defined by a Single Dot at 12 representing the Sun at High Moon!
The Museum Watch dial is regarded as an Icon of Modernism. This watch was design by Bauhaus-influenced Artist Nathan George Harwitt in 1947.
When Harwitt dial was selected for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art New York. In 1960, it was the first watch dial ever awarded this distinction.

I saw a shop behind Holiday Inn Hotel along Nathan Road at Tsim Sha Tsui has a lot of newest variety of Movado at a very Good price... Worth your visit if you think you are one of the Fans of Movado

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Watch Shops ta HKIA

There are a few watch shop at HKIA, Tiffany, Cartier, IWC...
From my experience, I find that IWC and Tiffany has the best sales people, as they are more eager to explain to you waht they are selling and they have good knmowledge on their product. At IWC. I am sure you can find those beautiful, kind sales executives like Ruby and Jasmine could provide you a good explanation on their and detail of the structure..

Whereas Cartier... may be I met the green horn, it seems they do not know their product much, even they can not tell difference of Sterling Silver and vermiel... Even What Cartier Santos is!? beleive it or not? go and try.

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