Friday, March 14, 2014

Rolex Q &A

Last year I probably received a lot of question on Rolex and I try to summarize them here for your reference

Q. is HK Snob a Watch Dealer?
A. No, I am an armature watch Blogger only, I don't have shop, I don't sell watch of mine, but I know Rolex AD network and a few Rolex Collector and dealer who may sell his watches at a reasonable price!

Q.  Do I ship Watch?
A. No, I don't, I just help people to buy Rolex at discount in HK.

Q. What is the Most Expensive Rolex?
A. The most expensive non-diamond Rolex is the men's Oyster Perpetual Day-Date in Platinum Ref 116505 HK list price HKD$583,500.
The most Expensive Rolex with diamond is Submariner Emerald HKD$2.4M

Q. What is the Cheapest Rolex?
A. 1. Ref 116200 Stainless steel 26mm lady perpetual smooth bezel with Oyster Bracelet HKD$36,800
Second Cheapest  lady watch is Ref 177200  Oyster Perpetual 31mm smooth bezel with Oyster Bracelet HKD$ 37,600,
The Cheapest Men’s Rolex Ref 114200  34mm smooth bezel with Oyster bracelet HKD$38,500.
The Cheapest Men’s Rolex with 36mm size is Ref 116000 Oyster Perpetual Smooth bezel with Oyster Bracelet HKD$40,000

Q. Where are Rolex watches made?
A. The Rolex manufactory is in Bienne, Switzerland. The Rolex headquarters are in Geneva.

Q. Are all Rolex watches self winding?
A. Not all.

Q. How to check Rolex serial number?
A. Check in between the lugs of the watch. Here's a complete guide on how to find and look up a Rolex Serial Number.

Q. How much does a Rolex Day-Date cost?
A. Ref 118208 Typically from HKD$209,300 up to Ref 18956 BRIL HKD$2,118,000

Q. How much is a used Rolex watch worth?
A. depends on the model and the age and the condition and search...usually in pre-owned shop of HK, it is about the 45% to 70% of List price for current production model. Except for those special Model Like Daytona Steel, Black is Selling HKD$85,500 to $89,000

Q. How many Rolex watches made per year?
A.  Somewhere about 800,000.

Q. Where to buy a Rolex copy in Hong Kong China?
A. Anywhere on the Temple Street, Lady’s market at Mongkok and Lo Wo Commercial Centre at Lo Wo (HK/China Border.)

Q. What is an oyster perpetual Rolex?
A. Rolex made their watches water proof just like an oyster which can close tightly that water cannot sip in.  It is an Automatic winding watch that is why call Perpetual.

Q. How much should a Rolex Submariner weigh?
A. ~135 grams with a full bracelet (all steel)

Q. Does Rolex make battery operated watches?
A. Yes , Rolex makes battery operated watches called OysterQuartz, made between 1977 to 2003
Total 25,000 pieces made, estimated to have 60% in stainless steel, 25% in Two Tone, and 10% Solid Yellow Gold Ref 19018 and 5% Solid White Gold Ref 19019. A Superlative Accurate, 100% dependable Watch!

Q. Is Rolex of Switzerland Public listed?
A. No. Rolex, SA is not owned by any other company. It is completely independent, owned by The Wilsdorf Foundation

Q. Are all Rolex watches registered when bought?
A. Not in HK, but early Rolex Japan, we had to put down watch owner name and address on the Warranty  certificate… that was supposed to be good practice, but we do not have such in HK.

Q. How can you tell if a Rolex watch is real?
A. There used to be a time when you can just look at a fake Rolex and determine that it is fake, but in recent years the quality of Fake One is improving a lot and a bit hard to tell by green horn, it takes a bit closer look to tell it is fake.

Q. Do magnets affect watches Rolex?
A. Yes, so long as the watch is made from metal components the magnet will stop the internal pieces from moving hence stopping the watch or watches will become inaccurate, if very strong magnet could even possible damages some of the component. We can send to Rolex for Demagnetization.
Or you should wear a Milguass which is anti-magnetic.

Q. Do Rolex Service Centre service Rolex of another country?  Do I need to have the warranty card?
Rolex Service Centre will service any Rolex so long it is authentic Rolex. We do not need Warranty card for servicing, Rolex Do not service FrankenWatch of Rolex.

Q. What are the taxes or duties to import a Rolex watch from Europe to the us?
A. 6%

Q. What materials are used in Rolex wristwatches?
A. Rolex uses a variety of materials: 904L Stainless steel, white gold, red gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Q. Should I place a Rolex on an Auto Watch Winder if I don't use it
A. In my Opinion, no need, as it add wear and tear on the mechanical parts inside the watch

Q. How Should I clean my Rolex?
A. Tighten up the crown, use lukewarm watch and soap to wash, you may use soft tooth brush clean off the dirt. Then rinse under running water.
Use Cloth to clean of water. It will restore the original Lustre and beauty of your Rolex.

Q. How long does a Rolex run?
A. They are made to have a 40 hour spring power supply when wound completely.  Daytona can last for 72 hours.

Q. Does Rolex provide Polishing on my badly used Rolex?
A. Yes, it take about HKD$500-$1,000 depending types of watch for polishing. Take 2 weeks to return you as a NEW Rolex!

Q. How much discount we can get at Rolex AD HK?
A. Officially 5% maximum.

Q. What Rolex is hard to buy now at Rolex AD?
A. Top One Ref 116520 Daytona Black Dial HKD$91,500-94,500
    Top 2 Ref 116520 Daytona White Dial HKD$87,500
    Top 3 Ref 116610LV Submariner Hulk HKD$66,100
    Top 4 Ref 116710BLNR GMT master II Black Blue   

Q. When Rolex AD will increase the price?
A. No News yet!

Q. is Watches bought in Rolex AD has possibility to be Fake!?
A. Not Possible.

HK Snob


thomas morrison said...

You have done really a superb job with your web site. Marvelous stuff is here to read.
moved here

HK Snob said...

Hi Thomas,

I am still a learner for Rolex...
But I love to write and share on what I know with everyone...

Thanks again!

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Hello, firstly congratulations on this great blog. I would like to buy a used rolex submariner for about 30-40,000 hkd. I have noticed that the two liner is cheaper than the four liner. I'm not a wealthy guy so do you think that a four liner is a better investment if I ever
need to sell in future. I prefer a watch with papers. I also wonder if shops such as 'lung shing' etc provide any warranty. Do you have any experience of dealing with 'Perpetual watches' in mk. They provide warranty.

Thank you for your help

HK Snob said...

First of all, are you from HK. I am sorry I do know what sub you are looking for? 60's ?
Or something like 2 liner Ref 14060M?

If I buy it for daily use, I think 4 liners.

If I buy it for collection, that would take a lot of know how to determine as those vintage 2 liners could be very expensive Ref 5512!

If for daily use, Try Submariner
ref 16800 that I saw one someone offer me at HKD$34,000 in 2013.

Or Simply go to buy a used watch like Ref 116610LN in Kuen Kee.
Price is about HKD$42,000.

I had no idea about Perpetual Watch Company, where is it!? They sell low cost China watches with Tourbillon?

Kuen Kee and Lung Shing usually have some limited warranty, I remember it was used to be 1 year before but Really I don't know now. Anyway Rolex is your back up for warranty as take care for you whenever you present to them.

Why not buying a BNIB Rolex 116610LN with HKD$56,000? if you want let me know

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the confusion. I should have been clearer. I'm a 26 year old gweilo teacher living in HK. I can't afford to spend over 40,000hkd on my first Rolex. The model I'm interested in is 14060m no date.

I've seen this with two lines in a few shops for around 32,000 without papers. 4 liner seems more expensive. This is the link for

Thank you for your help, I will continue to read your blog and learn more about Rolex in HK.

HK Snob said...

Hi Sir,
Gweilo teacher... I see
14060M could be obtained about HKD$27,000 to HKD$30,000
you may ask for some dicsount as you are Gweilo, they, Chinese HK usually treat Gweilo with more discount and respect!! :P I am sure...Ask for less 5-8%!
Well, let me check the Website first and come back to you
HK Snob

HK Snob said...

I see Perpetual Watches...
Well, I have checked with their Website ad, there is quite some Submariner Price is normal, not particular expensive nor cheap,
But their Daytona is not cheap, Daytona SS black is ranging between HKD$96,000 to 99,000
Which I can get BNIB from Rolex AD at HKD94,000.
I just help one HK guy to buy one yesterday.

I will suggest you take more time to search for a good deal 14060M.
There is always a surprise when buying Rolex and this is the best part of Fun: Shopping!

Also I can keep an eye form Collector see if they have some :good Stuff for you..
Keep you informed!
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog very useful and informative since I am going to buy my firstRolex but knowing very few about it.
I have a few questions, I am planning to buy the explorer 1 214270, I've got an offer of 12% off from an AD and also $38000 of a water good, I am struggling which one to choose, or if you have any better offer from the AD, would you advise me? Thanks!

HK Snob said...

Hi less 12% from Rolex AD is super good already.

Same as I get... No better yet.

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply, what about the water good that I mentioned, do you think it's a reasonable price? I am worried coz I don't know what to check if I get the water good, it's from a friend of friend, do you think I should not risk as this is my first rolex?

HK Snob said...

go for the Rolex AD with 12% discount. To be sure this is your beloved first Rolex is trouble free for decades!!

Anonymous said...

I am planning to get a 116610LN. What's the best price I can get from an AD? Any recommendation of a good AD?

HK Snob said...

Rolex AD watch cash $54,650
ref 116610LN

Harry Wong said...

I always love to read your blog, I gain quite a bit of Rolex knowledge via your kind sharing, appreciated.

A couple of question with regards to service a sub-date V series (2008) :

1. Rarely used recently, should it required a service?

2. What is the cost if I bring it to RSC? Is the cost include overhaul, gasket replacement and water resistance check? Can I choose not to polish?

3. Lastly may I know how long it take for the servicing?


HK Snob said...

Hi Harry
Even if you use it everyday, that watch is just 6 years old, unless you always go diving, or it can not maintain a good time. No need to get it for service so early.
Normal, I seldome bring my Rolex for service unless you really bring it to diving Or over 10 years of using.
Rolex recommend you to take it for service and check every 5 years.
If you do not mind spending money, you can take it for overhaul, of course they will ask you do you need a case Polishing, it is up to you, but as you said you seldom use, I beleive it is in good shape, Don't polish it.
If only Cleaning, oiling, replacement of o-ring and water check it is about HKD$2,700 estimated.
Time is about 3 weeks
HK Snob