Sunday, September 27, 2015

This is Mid Autumn Festival 2015

When I went home, I saw lot of people buying Moon cake home for celebration tonight, and or tomorrow. Moon cake was selling HKD$20 a piece in 1988, now a Moon cake selling about  HK$50 a price which in terms of inflation is not expensive than 30 years ago. When I was about ten I still remember that moon cake at that time has to go for Installment… meaning that you pay 5 to 10  dollar a month, after 10 months or so. You call collect the moon cake for Welcoming the Mid Autumn Festival….

I think this practice was not more since 1980…  

I dropped by Haagen-Dazs seeing there are long queue buying Ice-cream Cake , oh, a Delux Collection is Selling HK$1,099 for 8 tiny cakes.

And I bought one box “petite Collection" with HKD$238 ; petite means prince, that is a way to describe something small or cheap… That is the cheapest one in Haagen-Dazs!

Whilst I saw some of the kids are urging their mother buying this and that… I should say those are lucky kid from the Middle Class. They never know how hard money could be earned, sweat, pain, something we have to sell our pride for the money… I do.. man… I had a chance the customer scolded me “ FXXX You" three times… without knowing me at all because of some machine issues… Well., I could not say or argued with it… as he is insane… nothing could stop him… let it be…

If you don't have that bad experience, you are the lucky one…. In fact in the world there are more  people who we should respect them, especial, those are the lower class of people… Those who wears nice suit and an expensive watches may be some of the worst guy in the business world.
I am from a Poor family living in Tung Tau Estate, those days, they are those people as from resettlement… now we don't have this terms’ Resettlement” anymore…

I think There are still a lot of people does know the taste of Hamburger likes, they never go going any Dim Sum of Yam Cha at all, they have never tried the taste of a good piece of meat. They never gone into any movie…They never had a chance going to Swim at beach… they never had a chance to buy a nice piece of toy they love to have...

This is Hong Kong..  if there is a window drops into the street accidentally, probably the glasses will hit 5 billionaires in Central… no kidding…

On the other hands there are people relying Government support for a living as they have no work, no money at all.

There are people who save money the whole life may not be buying a house with size of a Comfort Room for some people’s houses at Mid-level.

However I have learn that there are a lot of good people who is not rich but they support and adopted children who are poor and offer them place to sleep, eat and education, to be honesty who could be so good to give the best of motherhood love to someone outside. They are those people who deserve our respect and learning.. and I know one mother had supported 9 children from 8 different families. And she had two sons of her own…

Love could be unlimited… I know a woman who is so kind to animal, she passed by and saw a dog at the bush under the flyover on a rainy evening, the dog was weak, apparently sick, wet though sober. In pain and misery, her eyes caught the lady and would like to say something, “help me!”  Immediately the lady understood and immediately brought her into the veterinarian by a taxi… and The vet inspected the dog and told her, the dog had a final stage of cancer… nothing can help… She cried and stayed with the dog whole night tried to feed her something the Dog might like to eat… and the Dog gave the kind lady eye with of gladness…warmth and satisfaction, probably with smile. And The dog received her final respect from a human being, and left this world….

I like this woman, and I had met her and talked to her about her own dogs… of course if you don't like dog, you may not understand what I am trying say… or the chap who killed 59 school kids and hurt 200 in cold blood on 22 July 2011 in Norway may not understood…too!

This is a time of Happiness, and Joys, but we have to share ours to others remember no one had the same “fate” like you and I that can have moon cake today. Not Even a Moon Cake!

Giving is a blessing!
May Everyone would find their Full Moon Dream Tonight!

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