Sunday, September 13, 2015

Longn forgotten small and beautiful Vintage lady watches

Rolex Date Just 18KT 1962
Patek Phillipe 1952 in 18KT gold

Rolex 18KT gold White Gold 1970

Hamilton, Juvenia and Omega Ladymatic

Omega 18KT White Gold with Diamond 1950
See How Elegant and confident she is!

 Piaget on the left and Omega on the right

A watch tells what you are…
The standard of beauty and the appreciation of beautiful things sometimes aligned with most of the people likeness … is that what fashion is called?
After the people feel bore for a period of time, months or years, some of the people who has the need to stand up to be a rebel to show his or her own taste.
Who is the earlier rebel is the pioneer of the fashion…
Like if the things she wears does give you a pleasant impression… if yes., no matter a Daytona of 40mm of a JLC 101*… it does serve the purpose…if she loves to wear!
The big watch has been dominating in the market for almost 20 years, big means something over 36mm for men and something larger than 31 mm for lady…
So the smaller beautiful antique watches typically smaller than 30mm had been hidden at the dark vault for many years. In fact I have seen more and more elegant women putting on some of the best vintage classic lady watches in these few years, starting with sophisticated business women, fashion designers, and now more and more younger girls are their followers..
I have not forgotten those smaller beautiful elegant watches that I have seen at the watch shop when I was in college… however when I looked at the price, I don't think I could not buy one for my mother …well, I had no girl friend at that time…in fact, people knows me I married my first wife 7 days after I met her… She is to me like a Rolex Ref 179136…She is a Siam Cat!
Now if you have time, don't forget to keep an eye of some of the best Vintage beautiful watch for lady…
But it for your mother, wife, or girl friend, as it is still in reasonable good price…
When more people join this Rebel team of Fashionable watches … then the price will go up…
Brands like… Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacharon Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Cartier, Breguet, Longines, Ebel, Piaget, Gruen, Tiffany, JLC, Universal…etc.
You have a lot of places to find these watches…Sham Shui Po, TST, MK, Cat Street…and more…
The above pictures are some of the cut out from a recent Japanese watch magazine on lady’s watches…
See how sweet the ladies are… I don't mind I could let her have my watches and she could kiss me Once!
Life is short, my friend… a kiss may make you change your whole life... if that is not “Kiss of Death”! 
Go and find a decent one for HER!
HK Snob

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