Wednesday, September 16, 2015

These are the four beauties of Roles Diver's Watch

 Rolex Deep Sea D-Blue Ref 116660 2014
Rolex Deepsea Black Ref 116660 and DeepSea Ref 116660 D-Blue

Rolex Submariner in White Gold Ref 116619LB
Rolex Deep Sea D-Blue Ref 116660
Rolex Submariner in green dial and green bezel Ref 116610LV
Someone says that the Rolex DeepSea is too large to be used especially if you are not a big guy...
Well, a Fan of HK watch Fever had made a special order for some hi quality silicon rubber to be used as watch band of the DeepSea, it looks much smaller to everyone...

In the second photo, both is Deepsea 116660, one is black dial with the oyster steel bracelet. It looks bigger and is very heavy. The other one is the d-blue dial with rubber strap and tang buckle. It looks and feels smaller and lighter!
Price Ref 116660 D-Blue HKD$96,000
Ref 116610LV Submariner in green Dial and bezel is HKD$66,500
Ref 116619LB Submariner in 18KT white Gold HKD$210,000
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