Thursday, September 17, 2015

Technology says it all!


Wilson Benesch made a reputation for itself as one of the world's advance manufacturers of analog playback gear, first with its innovative turntable, then with its unique—some said "impossible"—ACT One tonearm (now replaced by the 2.0). Both make use of composite carbon-fiber technology. (ACT stands for Advanced Composite Technology.)  1990 the WB table sold at USD$6,295.

If you are Analogue Audiophile must know this, they bear the same reputation of LinnLP12.
I had stayed with Linn for 20 years, after that I sold it for HKD$13,000 last month. Well,
Guess how much I bought that in 1996? HKD$12,000!
Martin Jetpack
Have you watches the 1992 movie Rocketeer?
Commercial Jetpacks are no longer the domain of science fiction- come fly the dream!

The Jetpack can take off and land vertically (VTOL) and because of its small dimensions, it can operate in confined spaces such as close to or between buildings, near trees or in confined areas that other VTOL aircraft such as helicopters cannot access.

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X "Ludicrous Mode" Could Do 0-60 in 3.3 Seconds

Tesla rocked the automotive world by announcing "Ludicrous Mode," a battery and circuitry upgrade that ​makes the new top-of-the-line Model S P90D capable of 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds. All that fun's not just for the sedan set, though: Bloomberg reports that Elon Musk promises the upcoming Model X crossover will also have the option of Ludicrous acceleration. Is that speed crazy for a SUV!?

It carries a lot more technology than you can think of Ref to 3135 work horse Movement made in 1988 and onwards they have such technology.

Etachron Adjustment screw
Parachrom bleu hairspring
Microstella screws
Roles Kif Shock protection design

Rolex has a better time keeping better than COSC standard of -4 to +6 seconds a day.

Besides, it runs with a Super silent Rotor for power saving at a frequency of 28,800 BPH!

These are the technology left behind on the production floor at the Rolex factory.

On your hand, it simply tells the time accurately, run silently, power reserve up to 80 hours due to the small mechanical friction that only made possible by precision part made by micron level accuracy CNC machine…

So as a Turntable, tone arm, Flying machine, a E-Car, yours and or my Rolex, there are a lot of hidden technology and story behind.

That actually makes every dollar of your watch purchase values.

HK Snob

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