Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Contact +639989811111

There may have confusions on my Whatsapp contact.

As I used to have two Philippine numbers for

Since I shuttle between Manila and Hong Kong.

If you use Philippine SIM, it is very expensive even though you turn off your Data or Data Roaming, as once you turn on your phone overseas, they WILL not care and charge you Peso 550 a day  (HKD$98)

I consulted some Phone gurus, they advised me either Remove the SIM card or go to Airplane mode when I am in HK.


So you can now Whatsapp me to my Smart Philippine Number +639989811111.

HK Snob


Ellery Mendoza said...

Hmm... I use the same Smart number and have never been charged anything extra whenever I am outside of the Philippines, unless I use it. And I don't get any charge to receive even a text message. I will only see charges sending out text messages, making and receiving calls.

HK Snob said...

Hi Ellery

No way, once you turn on your phone in HK, they started charging your Peso 550 a day... may be your plan is different with mine....

HK Snob