Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Crap

I love these two faces as they are happy

A good company truly values Human Resources, but a lousy one will try to suppress the older people by demanding more whilst paying less.

There are only 2% of US companies can last more than 40 years.

Average Life of all Taiwanese Companies is 13 years.
Average life of all Japanese Company is 12.5 years.
China? 8 years only.

All these are people dependent....
I always try to make my official work part time.

I don't afraid some of my colleagues tell my superior, it is OK as I am about time to retire and make my hobby a career.
And I believe now and next decade, Internet media and your personal contact is your most treasurable asset.

I always think when you get older, you are getter less popular in the eyes of the Boss? Don't agree? What is your last review percentage!?

If you are more than 10%, it is a blessing.

If it is 6% just OK.

Anything less than 4% is reflecting that either your value is below what you should be, or the company has to do something seriously and boldly.

I am not into tattoos, and I think that was not being valued by some of the older people like I. Somehow this is one example that she has changed my mind.... Simply she is beautiful.
And she wears a beautiful Clothe!

Look at 90 years old grand master of Wing Chun, Ip Chun.  Have you noticed his fingers?  All fingers are of same length?

What happens to this Rolex, a Day Date without Fluted bezel? Why there is no fluted bezel!?

The most expensive Day Date is having smooth bezel (platinum version)
Ref 118206 platinum 36mm smooth bezel with President bracelet MRSP HKD$430,000

And the cheapest Rolex Date just has smooth bezel too,
Ref 116000 stainless steel; 36mm smooth Bezel smooth bezel on oyster bracelet MRSP HKD$40,000.

Rolex is very keen on making similar things different and different things similar! What a Rolex!

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HK Snob


Yan said...

Hi Hong Kong snob,

Is it possible to find a pink gold bracelet for my 6611?


HK Snob said...

I think it is very difficult and expensive.
I have never seen one.
But you can find from eBay.
HK Snob

Yan said...

what about a pink gold president bracelet for 1803? thanks!

HK Snob said...

between HKD$50000 TO 65000