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Classic Watch Repair, Hong Kong

Rolex DD bracelet for sale

 Rolex Prince watch movement, note the v-grooved cutting design... sleek and beautiful
Body Check on my Rolex 18039 by Witschi computerized Time checker

Classic Watch Repair

Do you feel satisfied about the service of watch repair at the service centre in Hong Kong?

Do you feel good waiting that repair for 9 months whilst actually the watch is sitting idle in the store for 8 months and three weeks?

Are you happy with the bill HK$40,000  for “cleaning “ of your Perpetual Calendar watch?

Have you ever noticed that the watch bottom case is not yet tightened when your $62,000 watch was returned you after an overhaul? Well, luckily you did before your next diving!

Have you argued with the clerk at the Service Centre that they claimed that your watch has no record in the Swiss HQs data bank, but after three months they said, Sorry, they found the record!

Nevertheless, in Japan, you can go to Global Works Co. Ltd.

How About Hong Kong? Well, you can go to "Classical Watch Repair".

They do Watch Repair, Overhaul, restore your worn off bracelet, restore the damaged watch case…

Rework on your dial...etc

It comes with a very reasonable price.

More important is they will not confiscate your original patina dial ($100,000) by replacing you a brand new dial of ($3,000)….

Besides, they have a small corners for some of the vintage watches,  brand new watch dial and bracelet for sale.

More important ism they care about you and your watch…

Unit A, 11/f, 2 Carnavon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kwoloon,
Hong Kong
Tel 21511777
(MTR Exit D2)
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have to say that I respectfully disagree. Perhaps things might have changed in the last couple of years but I doubt it as they are still the same people as before, or perhaps this is not a totally independent review, but I will give it the benefit of the doubt. My experience with Classic Watch Repair was a total nightmare and absolutely humiliating to say the least!

Ironically, every one of those issues you highlighted about the OTHER the CSC/repair businesses at the beginning (except the one about the database because it was not needed)was experienced at Classic Watch Repairs. To cut a long story short, I list below a number of the more serious issues with this shop:

1) Communication was lousy and almost non-existent.

2) Inability to source relatively contemporary parts, that I was ablke to source on eBay and other online parts suppliers and only offering used parts at substantially higher cost than the used parts.

3)NO QC, replied on customer to visit shop continuously (up to 4 times in my cases, yes multiple cases) to inspect for them.

4) For some reason, they fabricated false evidence of me having opened the caseback while it was last in my possession to avoid completing the final repair works, work that they had advised me was necessary, not a new damage that MIGHT have be caused by my opening the caseback and also my complaint that a part had been scratched in the movement (when their staff last opened the caseback in front of me)! Furthemore, some events log was mysteriously found and stated that the crown issue was already advised to me and I had suggested that I would skip the repair because of mounting costs....err, as noted above, I had continually complained about my suspicions about the inability to handwind (I didn't have the watch long enough during this time to test it).

5) Something as simple as restoring a polished mirror finish on a lug needed 4-5 rounds of inspections (hence visits by me!)and reworks, and humiliations and accusations by the people at CWR, to get right!

6)As noted above, I also noted that one of the parts in the never before serviced movement was also scratched! Clearly by them. Who knows if they have actually replaced my brand new parts with used parts too.....

Michael Young may have an impeccable reputation as a bracelet restorer but it seems that his setup is sadly only limited to that part of the business, if at all given the crappy polishing efforts that I had witnessed - overcharging on parts, inability to source easily found parts, accusing the customer of purchasing the wrong part (because they did not know that the part had been updated), failing to observe basic duty of care - scratching parts on a movement, lying and wrongfully accusing customers to avoid responsibility...... This is definitely a business that does NOT live up to what they make themselves up to be!

HK Snob said...

Can you recall which watch and when was having such bad experience as I may need to talk t them on the case for improvement.

HK Snob

HK Snob said...

Contact me +639989811111 via whatsapp... leave a name, Date and Watch Model, we can talk about it.

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply HK Snob. They will know exactly which case it is and who I am. It just happened less than two weeks ago and my case(s) have dragged on for over 5 months (not including some work on the case, which was unsatisfactory at the beginning but resolved in the end). In fact my business with Classic Watch Repair had involved three different watches, all with issues. I continued to trust them with my watches because any issues were eventually resolved, although they never provided the service level and professionalism anyone would expect at their price point.

Thank you for your concern but there is really no need to speak with them, unless you have an interest in the business, in which case, you will easily be able to find out my contact. Michael has already chosen to ignore my complaint and as I have mentioned, they have even lied and accused me of having tampered with the watch while it was in my possession, just so they can avoid fixing the scratches in the movement. They have disappointed me so much, and have lost all my trust in them that eventually I will have the replaced parts checked to see if the NOS parts I supplied have indeed been used in the repairs too. Sadly I did in part rely on your review and the review of others in several international watch forums (however, all relating to bracelet repairs) before I decided on Classic Watch Repair. I am only posting my story here to share a different customer experience and I have not hesitated to share my bad experience on watch forums as well - no paying customer deserves to be treated the way I did, right? Thank you for your attention.

Via Garcia said...

I have contacting them for a week for an update on my bracelet and it has been 2 weeks since we have had communication, is this normal?

Via Garcia said...

I have not had communication with them in 2 weeks and have been emailing them over a week. They were very good at responding before but now I am getting nervous. It is an 18K bracelet that belonged to my mother-in-law.

HK Snob said...

Via Garcia
Give me the job Number via my Whatsapp and I help you find out

Whatsapp +85251229994

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

I agree that CWR no longer hold their good reputation and not worth to refer to.
I was their loyal customer since at least I visit them 6 times during past 3 years.
It was a good experience because they were helpful, communicative and their charges were transparent.
But since I experienced talk and handled by the old lady there,--seems she is the owner or their relative,
I lost all my good experiences and decided not to go CWR anymore.
What I feel was the lady tends to take more benefit from the customer.
She will charge you by how much $$$ worth of your watch instead of the fair standard charge, for example in my case of swapping dial she charge more than double just because of my watch is gold instead of previously was steel.
or the dial was nice and expensive so they think the charge should be more.
It's ridiculous.
And what makes me decided not to go there anymore was the "sharp" words that said by the lady. She treat customer like they are the only one in the world that can do the job, so if customer dont like it, the door is wide opened :/
Recently I called them just to check and actually I want to send my watch for some small job, but since then the customer service hand-over the phone to the same lady I then cancelled.
She asked about details of my watch, the series..., etc and find out it was a gold watch, before saying some $$$ to charge.
She not focus at the job at all. What makes different of Gold watch and Steel watch if you do the same simple job. Why the price should be differentiate ?
Lesson learnt to improve by CWR are:
1. Train your communication soft skill and treat your customer like king
2. Maintain your job quality and be transparent and fair of the charges

HK Snob said...

Let me talk to Michael Young and her.