Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Remembering the good old days of Hong Kong

Oriental Watch was one of the popular watch in the 60s

After All, Orient Watch is still available in HK
Hong Kong in the 70s

One of the Top Three Rolex AD nowadays, The Emperor, in the Greatest Days of Hong Kong in 80s
Can you see City Chain Watch on the Right?

888 is the famous Pub bar in the 80s
Because of the Lucky No. Rolex selected this is the Country Code of Rolex for Hong Kong.
Can You See Rolex and Longines? Picture of Wan Chai at 60s

This is the Hong Kong in 86 estimated, see the Orient Quartz, the big time of Quartz Watch that almost Killed all Mechanical Watches....

The Hong Kong in 1997

Queen's Road in the 50, can you see the Rolex Watch Advertisement on the top left?
Omega in the Street of Tsim Sha Tsui
Japanese was the major tourist income in the 80.s
so everywhere we could see Japanese name on sign boards
 This is Tsim Sha Tsui South, Place the picture was taken is the Science Museum nowadays
Can you see the Big Rolex Crown?
This is likely The Yau Mai Tei Jordan Area, note all the Yellow Sign board welcoming those people coming for Massage and Sex deals

The final Closing day of Da Da Department Store, the Building is still around nowadays
Movie Shooting at Central Hong Kong in the 50s

     A Typical Residential Areal of Hong Kong, people kept poultry for food at that time, Where is this place!?
Familiar? yes, This is the Chung King mansion in the 90 before renovation

Chow Seng Seng, one of the Rolex AD now,
Nathan Restaurant is still around,
Star Communication, Wah Nam Theatre
Ying Chun Sauna was the place I used to go in 1995-1997
You Should see Omega Watch Sign board
Just Gold...etc
This is Mong Kok Nathan Road

 This Lady should be about 82 year old by now, she was a typical beauty and probably a model, looks at how she stood?
This Peddar Street, can you tell what is the small car in the middle of the road!?

Causeway Bay in the 70's
Certina , Rodania , Seiko, Longines are the famous watches...
Diamaru was close down already

Where is this Place? Can you See Chow Seng Seng (Rolex AD now)

Mong Kok in the 80's

Any idea of Yuen Fong Watch Co. ? Where is it!?

 Zurich, Emperor and Time Watch Company, Prince Jewellery & Watch Company, Do you know what Rolex watch Company  in the middle lower portion of this Picture... This should be Tsim Sha Tsui Area taken in the year 1990

Last Day of Matsusakaya Departure store 3 Mar 1998, this building still exit in the same location nowadays

The Last Day of the Japanese Department Store in HK
The Close Down of Mitsukoshi at Causeway Bay on 17 Sept 2006
HK in 1950

One of the oldest Department Stores Shui Hing at Nathan Road, how this located is running by Prince Jewellery & watch Company

Very Rare Picture on the Rat cage hanging on the Light post.

Sincere Department Store in Hong Kong Island, The Same Company is still around.

Jam Fair Department Store

Chow Seng Seng Jewellery and Gold Smith

 On The Let if the picture, there was a Watch Company name I forget, I bought my Rolex Stainless Steel Oyster Date with 18KT WG bezel and Jubilee with HKD$5,025 in 1981

Ritz Theatre I used to Watch James Bond Movies

Golden Shopping Centre, Oh, this is Sham Shui Po
Picture was like then taken in 1980-90, the Right Front car is Ford Escort!?
Tissot Watch

Bonds Theatre at Yu Man Fong , Kwun Tong, I used to watch Movie when I was in Middle School

 Mok Sam Kee Watch Company in Tsuen Wan in the 70s
The Wing Fuk Funeral Shop is still around at Yau Ma Tei MTR station A1 at Portland Street

Central Hong Kong, Note The Longines Watch

Geneve Watch Company, Where is it?

Jam Fair at Kowloon Side, the White small build should be the Public Rest Room I used to go when I go for James bond movies.
This is Jordan Road, that Po Hing Theatre was located.
The building in front is still around, my grandma's sister used to live there,
She bought one unit with HKD$15,000 in the year 1974 she is now 102 years old.

There are a lot of memories recalled when I saw all these picture,,, how about you!?
It would be my pleasure if you could tell me what exactly the location of some of the picture are as I cannot tell all by myself was!
HK Snob
Watch Fever


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Watched an old DVD "Lee Rock" by Andy Lau last night. Literally everyone in the movie wore Rolex watches, gold or TT DJ. No wonder why there was that many gigantic advertisement bill board every where in the old date! Also according to the movie Lee Rock earned 280 per month then but allegedly owned 5 billion wealth.

HK Snob said...

Kwong, You mean

Lui Lok, the Chinese Constable!?

Well, I know the real son of Lui Lok, a nice huy and he used to wear a Daytona SST with a Special Dial.
yes in 60 and 70s Rolex earned a very powerful name there in HK!

HK Snob

JTK said...

Hi Snob,

Your old photos do bring back some distant memories of old HK, but I cannot tell you anything about the places shown because I was too young back then. My parents rarely brought me too far away from Sham Shui Po.
My father used to wear a late 1970s Tudor Prince Oysterdate with a fluted bezel, a parting gift from his brother-in-law bought for $3000 HKD. That watch has been misplaced ~10 yrs. ago before I became interested in mechanical watches, and is nowhere to be found. I would have loved to use that as my daily wear watch.

--- JTK

HK Snob said...

I had been to Sam Shui Po on Friday two days ago, Exactly to the place I put p the picture there, No Change at all in the basic building, street lay out,
It seems to me that Time has been frozen for 30 years just for Sam Shui PO...

Well, we should treasure the time we had had in the past, as there was so many good experience, friends, valuable moment by then.

I still remember clearly that the taste of the Cha Siu and he Cha Siu boa is so much delicious than those I can eat nowadays, people try to explain to me that because your have eaten a lot good food now and taste bud has been spoiled..

I don't think so and I think the people, environment and way we go out to eat is different.

Have you hear about hat we had to wear a suit when we went to go eating in Restaurant with parent... I hope we should treasure on what we have now. as a few decades from now we will treasure the time we have now...

Thanks JTK. do visit me when you come HK...

As a friend

HK Snob