Monday, September 7, 2015

Second Hand Love And Second Hand Watch

Park Hotel Maximillian , Regensburg, Germany

Park Hotel Room that I used to Stay , Room 204!

Though late at night, I sit alone and count the tears that fall.

 I'd rather have this kind of love, then not see you at all.

 My friends all say, I'm better off if we should drift apart.

 But everyday, I hope and pray I'll be first in your heart.

It's all over town, you put me down.

 I'm a second hand love, a second hand love...

 Just a second hand love, a second hand love….

This is a beautiful sweet song sung by Connie Francis…

I don't mind second hand or third hand love, so long she loves me more!

I have thought of friends who never like Second hand stuff, no matter, car, bags, handphone…  house,….and watches!

That is not because of just Narcissism that he wants something perfect and he loves thing to be brand Mint!

Of course, he has to pay more for Mint Daytona Paul Newman than a used one.

Well, true, no one tends to use something that has been used by someone before… some old Chinese has saying that “pre-owned Watch?” That watch possibly been worn by someone who has passed away…..
They Said “Dai Gut Lai Si" (大吉利是), I don't know how to translate it…May be….“very bad luck”

I rather don’t have such concern and sometimes I found some old watch could even brought be “Lai Si”,(利是) Good Luck!
May be the owner was a great person who brings me some of his “Spirit”  (靈氣) if that is JFK’s Rolex!?  It worth a big fortune!

I have been seeing one chap only wearing that “White Gold Day Date “Every day, that that was one he bought from pre-owned market. He says, Thing gets SMOOTH! He had tried to get rid of it, thing become UNSMOOOTH”

Is that superstitious?

 JFK's Rolex Day Date

Martin Ruther King's Rolex Date Just

In the market some of the used watches are more expensive that brand new Watches, of course there are a lot used watches are cheaper than the mint new in box!

Think this way, the Room 204 of Maximilian hotel Regensburg which was built on 1890 had definitely been people dying on the exact location when you sleep in the bed. In. So should you go for a new hotel for checking in!? Of course no way.

When you sit in the first class seat 4C of Cathay pacific, have you even thought of that exact seat had been having a DEAD passenger who died of stroke in the air!?  OK, next time book seat No. 13A….haha!

It depends how you look at this matter at all, Guang Xi people tends to put one Small Coffin in the living room as it bring in Good Fortune, “ Getting Rich and getting promotion.

Only you can decide if that is good for you or not. Don't care too much is that new or old.

HK Snob
Hong Kong Watch Fever

“4” sounds same as “Dead” with Cantonese people! It is worse Number HK peoples does not like!
"4C", no good!

All Cathay Pacific flights do not have seat No. 13.

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