Sunday, September 27, 2015

Moon things

Rising moon (courtesy Picture from the Web site)
The Most iconic Angry Moon from Blancpain

 What is Moon Phase? Like the face of the loan shark coming to collect the money... it is Lovely!
What a peaceful moon phase from Oris (Courtesy Picture of Raymond)

 I was listening to the two left LPs from My father an hour ago, that is the Latin Tango, very Romantic music.. the LP is still in acceptable condition.... I like the longest one "Jalousie!"

 This is a 75 old Western lady who used to go to the beach alone to pick shells... wish one day she has a friend who like picking shells too.
(Courtesy picture of Lo Chi)

I am lonely doing blogging... at home tonight!

HK Snob
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Lawrence said...

Hi HK Snob, Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

HK Snob said...

Hi Lawrence


Happy Mid Autumn festival!!

HK Snob