Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Stock Of Rolex

New Stock Arrives, Daytona Stainless Steel X 9 and GMT Master II Blue Black X1

HK Snob


Lawrence said...

Hi HK Snob, lately I noticed there are more and more Daytona ss and batman available, does this mean that demand are getting lesser? Or Rolex increased the production?

HK Snob said...

Hi Lawrence,
You may be partly correct as for Batman, as It has been launched in the market almost 2 years, and it is easier than it was able to be found 8 months ago.
But as for Daytona, same, as Rolex is desperately protects their Philosophy "control the release strictly in Limited Ways"

It is still "difficult " Batman, and " Forget it" for Daytona Steel in any AD of HK.

We have now about ten Batman, 9 Daytona does not mean it is easy to get.
As my supporter is a great buyer in almost all EU countries across Europe and Asia.

HK Snob

JK said...

Wow, so many Daytonas! What are the prices?

Do you have 114060? How much is this one?


HK Snob said...

yes 114060 is HK$48,000
have stock 2 pcs

HK Snob

cjt said...

Hi HK Snob, What is the price of the white daytona? i am considering daytona or the Deep Sea Blue dial if you have stock.

HK Snob said...

White 84,000
Deepsea 96,000