Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Expensive to buy, Cheap to use!

I asked one of our sales managers what his first consideration of buying a pair of shoes.

He said:
First wearing comfort, then the shoes should lasts for minimum one year, and what price?

OK! That is almost the answer for average men…

If for very rich business man, he might think that a pair of shoes should be comfort to wear and an outstanding look, after all, the others are not too important at all.

If for Movie star, then will be different story, first consideration is good looking, second is comfort as they probably will wear them once only.

How about Car?
Well, if I were able to choose for just one car, I may select a Tesla Model X. Especially it fits City drive of HK.

When I buy, I Will consider these factors.

Brand name

Good Stuff has good quality and it lasts, though it is a bit more expensive, but after years, they still perform like new… that is the satisfaction It brings me…

Parker 51 seems to be the most practical pen for me….
The attached one is a Burgundy with a rare Sterling Silver cap , it writes smoothly and it is always ready to.

I used to have a Zwilling twin snap red with aircraft aluminum handle, It is RED, sharp to be seen and sharp to cut. I had bought it 25 years ago. Until now, I have not taken for a sharpening at all, it can cut newspaper with its razor like blade!

For shoes, I have been using Ferragamo, Valentino, Clarks, Florsheim, Rockport, Timberland, Lloyd…

Until Now I think Only Clarks provide me 100% total Satisfaction and best performance with price over time.

The Active Air vent is one of the best feature  

Clarks is having besides the shoes itself is it Super comfort.

Watch, needless to say…. This is a Rolex Blog….

For these products I have mentioned here, The Tesla should work.  I mean I should not have any concern on electronics reliability.

As  Automotive industry has a very stringent requirements on reliability and test on those electronic and semiconductor being used. 

These are all a bit Expensive to buy, Cheap to use…

Next time when you make a purchase, think again why do you buy them for? 

And you should be happy going along with them because you have made a wise decision to purchase them.

Besides, they are all great brands....

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