Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rolex GMT Master II Ref 116710BLNR stock found at ond HK AD today

HK Watch Fever Special Dutch Agent came HK found there is a GMT Batman as shown at Yuen Long Chow SS AD....

Price HKD$67,300 probably you can get some discount..

If you want "888" watch, go and buy tomorrow when shop opens...

HK Snob


snr said...

Hi HK Watch snob.

Thanks for nice informative site.

I wonder how many GMTII BLNR, subC LV and Daytona 116520 do each of ADs get each month? My rolex AD does get some BLNR each month I think, but not always the subC LV. What about steel Daytona? I don't know.

I think those 3 models are the most sought after pieces world wide. Do you agree? Same in Hong Kong I think.


HK Snob said...

Hi Snr
It is hard to say, if you can sell more, then naturally you could get more.
But you are talking those very limited one,
I can take a example one shop of Major top 3 bigger AD in HK get 1 Daytona Black and 1 Daytona White this year at the window display.
And probably three GMT Master II BLNR and 2 Sub LV this years.
OH, I forget, One Deepsea D-blue only.
That is it!
You have to understand that there are some of the item KEPT for the VIP that we can not see in the window display.

And Most of the time these hot items are sold in 1-2 days.

HK Snob