Monday, September 7, 2015

Falcon "Russian Coat of Arm" iPhone6 USD$525,000

Note if I am wrong in reading this or they have used the wrong currency, this Bespoke "Russian Coat of Arm" Luxury Phone made by Falcon is asking Minimum  USD$525,000!

I guess that they have to pay a lot for the royalty on using that Russian Coat of Arm?

It seems that no one has seen a real Falcon iPhone, I am trying to see it, It must be well made!

Any one who has seen one? Please show me as I wanna see how does it look like with a half a Million Dollar Phone!

I,  Being an ambassadors of Omega Elite, I make our price of our Bespoke iPhone6 or 6S under order is selling with basic 24 KT yellow Gold, Rosegold or Platinum with merely USD$6,500 in Hong Kong. I think that is a reasonable price with certain margin that we can generate more R & D for our next Product like no others!

Omega Elite Production line is almost full now, we can only deliver a custom design iPhone in not less than 3 weeks.

HK Snob

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