Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Future of Electronic Watch

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Since the invention of Quartz watch in 1969, watches have
been changed too much to the extent that I cannot imagine.

Electronics watch are those watch running by a MPU (Micro-computer Chip) and powered by a battery cells or, solar Cell or a rechargeable battery built in. Or having some energy conversion device to change Kinetic energy into electricity to run the MPU.

That basic function of a watch (time telling device) built today to link up with your Mobile phone, the satellite, security system or household electronics control system.  Some of the watch even has a low freqnecy transducer to make you sleep better, (Philip Stern)

Some of the watch has already provide extra gadget such as health check, messager, music centre, GPS for positioning, Humidity, Altimeter, Barometer, Compass…Make Love Control Timer?

It is no longer a watch… it is an extension of a Mobile Device that was worn on your wrist,

In future, Watch has to face with a Big Challenge from the hand held mobile device, as a wearable device it needs to reform itself to create a new form of “Watch” or should we still call it “watch”?

Or Smart device, no more smart watch, if this electronics device still named a “watch” less buyer will consider it. Since everyone has a mobile and it carry a Watch already, why Should I buy another watch!

Many of the youth are no longer wearing watches nowadays. But they will put more money on his mobile phone.

Should we still call your wearable device smart Watch!? Or a Smart Device for Stupid?

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