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President Watch Rolex Ref 1803

Rolex Ref 1803

President Watch Rolex 1803
I believe 90% people tend to buy Oyster sport watch more than anyone who would consider go for an elegant Rolex Day Date.  Day Date is also called “President Watch” is simply this watch was preferred by most American Presidents, Johnson, Kennedy, human Right activist Martin Luther King…etc.
From the enquires for enquiry watch amongst all blog comment, 99% is asking Non Day Date model, yes of course, these price is more affordable as a Rolex Day Date is 4 times more expensive that Stainless steel. Rolex Day Date does not come with stainless steel, only Platinum or Gold.
Recently we see a trend, younger people would like to go for the Day Date series, even a 22 lady, a lawyer undergraduate is looking for a Rolex Date Just Onyx as first choice and a Black dial Day Date with Arabic numerals dial as second choice. I am surprise what a taste she has about Rolex, probably her father a Rolex user, or her law practitioner wearing Rolex Gold Watch.

This is not Ref 1803, but the one the Lawyer student is looking for.

The Major Trigger for more younger peoples shifting their focus from sport Oyster series Rolex into Day Date was BaselWorld 2013; Rolex unveiled the new Day Date (Ref 118138)!

                                      New Rolex Day Date Ref 118138 to be released end 2013
From Hon Kong Collectors, we could see a new heat for looking good Rolex Day Date specially Ref 1803.
So, Why Rolex Ref 1803!?
Ref 1803 were produced in 1958 to 1976, from the technological aspect on evaluating Ref 1803, it was a new technology break though that could have both “Date” and “Day” display on the dial, an extra set of driving wheel system has to be incorporated in order do the job. As the movement has to be having sufficient power enough to change the date at between 1200-0100 midnight whilst maintain a power reserve of 40 hours.
Rolex developed the Cal, 1556 with high repeatable accuracy, durability and has double shock resistant protection, super quiet movement and that tells you how small the friction inside the watch.
The preset of the Date was made by “Niche forward 3 backward 3’ Adjustment: when we want to advance the “Date”, we could retard the minutes hand backward from 12 o’clock to 9 o’clock, and forward it again from 9 O’clock to 12 O’clock, the Date would advance one notch, and so on for next advance, That was an ingénues design. The 1972 An AP Royal Oak Jumbo were also adapted this method for the Date advance.

The Classic Rolex Ref 1803

Rolex Ref 1803 with UAE Coat of Arms

Rolex Ref 1803 Light Green Dial with Roman Numerals Dial

What is the selling Price now for Ref 1803?
Material Choice
Most sought after is Platinum ref 1805, extremely Rare and expensive
Next is Rose Gold Ref 1803-5 and White gold Ref 1803-9 and yellow gold Ref 1803-8
Dial with Diamond is more expensive than no diamond of course,  colour with Stella Red, Green, Yellow, Turquoise will be very expensive
Then the Purple, Grey, Brown, White, and lowest price is the most common one Champagne Gold.
Price is ramping up gradually within these few months, and I think it is still reasonable to buy, as still 90% of the people looking for stainless steel watch of Rolex, buy could you imagine that the same price could possibly buy a Rolex Ref 1803-8 which bring the whole history of this President Watch and could possibly work side by side with you for the next few decades?
If you had a chance to spot one, check and consider it. But there are a lot fake dial Ref 1803, frankenwatch made by changing parts from other model into this Ref 1803, go for a reliable source for the purchase!

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