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5 Hot Watches with Blue Dial from BaselWorld 2013

5 Hot Watches with Blue Dials from BaselWorld 2013
Blue. It has long been the color associated with royalty and regal beauty. The color of earth’s great sapphires, the oceans and the sky – blue is also a much coveted color when found on watch dials. And Blue is one of my favourite colour, Over the years, Blue is being recognized as one of the Classic Royal Colour for men, Since the Creation of Waterman Patrician Turquoise Fountain pen, an 1929 Art Deco Masterpiece, it has been remained the Men’s Dream pen over the year until now. It was selling Only USD$10.00 in 1929, Now if a mint condition One could be no less than USD$3,000.00. I always want to find one, but it is harder than you think of unless I pay more!

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Since last years, HK Watch Collectors started craze about Blue Dial Rolex watch Day Date.

This year, we found many gorgeous blue dials in an array of hues. Here we bring you 10 of the top choices.

Which One you like Most!?

This is my Preference, if I don’t count on their selling price, I still take the Daytona Platinum, and once I look at the selling price! I think I have to switch to other choice. I have visited the Rolex AD for this Daytona Ref 116506, they told me only Dickson Poon has one in Hong Kong as the first one, and I could be the second one if I pay them HKD$589,000 and wait for a whilst as Taiwan Seems the first one in Asia got the allocated Daytona Supply.

It is hard to say which one is better between Glashutte and GMT Master II, if that is for daily uses, there is no question to choose GMT master, but once I look at the Glashutte, it carries a sense of Elegancy and have a style of being-me. The use of the font on 3, 6, 9, 12 is so much cute and slim that is 100% aligned with the shape of its name “Glashutte”,
The Second hand is just simple and slim, The big date at the 6 o’clock position is so unique, some  sort of dropped “Date” of the A Lang Datograph! Fun to use, I used to pass by the Airline Lounge at HKIA Terminal No.1 area and there is a Ghashutte Boutique where I used to stay there watching the promotion video on how a Ghashutte is being made. I cannot find this model yet. I went to Ghashutte Boutique at Galleria HKIA, they do not have stock on this piece of watch yet, priceiwse unknown, I think it is in the Range of HKD$70,000-80,000 of course stainless steel verison.

I think I am going to love this watch. On the other hand the price tag would not shock you! Very resonable pricing for a German Engineering and workmanship!

1. Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Platinum Ref 116506 
2. Glashutte Senator Sixties
3. Rolex GMT Master Blue Ref 116710BLNR $65,300.00 net
4. Arnold & Son HMS-1 Royal Blue
5. Chronoswiss Artists- Collection
How about your Choice!?

HK Snob

                      Watch displayed in Decending order of my preference

                  Rolex ref 116506 Platinum Daytona
Daytona Ice Blue Dial and Brown bezel

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