Monday, September 30, 2013

Body or Face?

 Photography Courtesy of Charlize Theron

Rolex Day Just with Onyx Dial, Extremely rare to find now. 

Body or face?
There is a Survey in Japanese asking 300 Japanese Men on what is more important for them to select their girl friend, if they are allowed to choose one of the Two options below.

A.      Face is more important than Body
B.      Body is more important than face

The result is 70 percent choose A and 30% choose B!

I think most of the men is preferred to have a perfect goddess it have both face and body , but somehow   they have to look at her face day and night and only body will be being discovered at night when are having sex…

So as a Watch, the dial, shape, design is very important factor for people to make a choice. And somehow the function, type of movement is less important!? That is to be right for those general users.

But for serious Collector who would persuit watch as a perfectionist, body and face is important… So The watch is being classified as Collectible item must be:
1.       Makers
2.       Rarity, limited version
3.       Design
4.       Specialty
5.       Other factors: Paul Newman, JFK’ watch, special event memorial watch..etc.

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