Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A 71 year old lady used her hand bag to stop Crime of Rolex Shop Robbery in U.K.

    Three of the robbers tried to crash the window by hammers, whilst two is standing by with two scooters. So the last one was planning to run on foot with the Rolexes?

                This Old lady used her only weapon, he hand bag to fought all five robbers!

A 71 bad ass old lady in Red coat fought off the armed Robbery attempting for Rolex with her hang bags only
A Group of five Robbers intending to crack the windows of a Rolex Shop at Southhampton England, this old granny came and ran into the Rolex Shop regardless to know the danger and started hitting the robbers by her hang-bag!
Inspiring other standers-by to help, the woman chased the thugs until someone tipped their moped and caught at least one. Whilst the Rolex Shop manager closed the metal curtain door to prevent no loss of any Watches at all.
This is a granny is a super woman.
Whole process was in Youtube

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