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Longines lady's Collection

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Longines Collection
I have been having a few Longines, the earliest One I bought from Kiu Tai Yu a, rectangular 14K solid Gold tank like watch with little second hand at the 6 o’clock position. It was HKD$2,000 at 1985.
Later one I bought another one, automatic with date and solid gold bezel on the steel case, there is a gold seal at the back of the watch with a “Fish” on it.  It was a good Longines watch I had been using when I worked on the merchant vessel, but later on I sold it to second mate, who may be using it by some. And later a thin manual winding dress watch at 90s.
As most of my friends who like Longines is because of the Logo, it is a good design, placed right at the “Longines” like an Eagle with spreading wings, flying…!
In 80’s The Longines Conquest VHP has been the popular watch for us as it is slim, rugged design, super accurate and water resistant. I believe many people are still using the same watch until today.


Recently Longines has been making some of the slim version of the 40’s in a rectangular form, laid with some of the bling sands on side and dial, a good choice for women. And most of them are quartz driven, it us best for women that has many watches in her jewelry box… who would have time to set the watch every time wearing it!?
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Remarks Discount percetage ranges from 15%- 20%

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