Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A very Special Rolex “Submariner Emerald” for Special people, for Who?

                                                     Hocus Pocus 1991 Christmas Special Watch

                                          Tony Leung, Wong Kar Wai and Zhang Zi Yi

                           Jacky Chan, The Submariner Emerald Would be matching you perfectly!

Rolex Submariner Emerald

Many people know they want a Rolex watch but aren't sure what model to get. People check for the people he know for the model they wear, simply follow and get one from Rolex Shop.
There are some peculiar watch like the Hocus Pocus designed by Higashi-Glazer for Swatch in 1991, with numbered not more than 14,999 pieces, It was sold from original price HKD$600 to a unbelievable HKD$12,000 in the next day of Release. Until Today, this is still a special Watch. Why!? Because of the design is so much unique. Look at that!
Some people simply want the name on their wrist and are looking for the least expensive Rolex model., they go Air King.
Other people have a closer connection with a specific model's history, or simply feel that one particular Rolex fits their lifestyle best. Someone has a lot of Submariner, which is Rolex most Popular Model other than Date Just.
There is a lot of variant Vintage Submariner and there are too much for me to learn, too many know-how to choose which one if genuine or what is Fake about it!
Well, to some people who has no concern on the money, and for those who want to have a lot of sands on the watch, for those who would like to have a very special watch to appear in your Daughter marriage. Or wear to show to your boss that you do not need that job for the shameful salary.
Rolex Submariner Ref 116649EM which even could not be found on general Rolex price book.
Released at Baselworld in 2010, this “Submariner Emerald” (ref. 116649EM) was produced in a very limited number. Bezel is set with 36 emeralds and 12 brilliants and this particular example also has the pave diamond dial with emerald indices. A true 18 KT White gold masterpiece and who wonders if dealer has it in stock?
Yes, I saw one in HKIA Rolex AD, just one, and I believe there is no more than this one in the Rolex Boutique in HK.
Make a trip to the HKIA and talk to the Senior Sales Executive for this watch.  They may offer you some discount if you are really need the discount! This is a watch for meeting the Shanghai Rich Celebrity in Shanghai Club! Or for those who should have a special watch that it would have no other one when you wear in Cannes Film festival!
The price is HKD$2,855,000

Of course for those who has a lot of money, and there is nothing to buy, you can consider this, remember this Rolex is made uner very very small quanity.

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