Sunday, September 29, 2013

Full Moon at Mid Autumn Festival

Photography Courtesy of Richard Rahn

Blancpain Villeret Collection one button Chronometer
Taken by Samsung Note II LTE at HKIA

This is an awesome Picture taken on the Mid Autumn night 18 Sept.
Photographer Stephen Rahn took this photo of the moon with an airliner in front of it on Sept. 18. He writes: “I was at my parents' house this evening when my dad and I saw the Moon coming up. I set up the tripod and […] he noticed all these planes flying near the Moon. He helped spot for me, and I managed to get this.”
If you learn to understand the moon phases you are in a better position to understand your reactions and moods and therefore deal with these in a more assertive and positive way.
In the horror movies, Full moon is the time that vampire has highest emotion to suck bloods and Zombie to start attack human being.
People who believes that Moon phases affect human behavior because the human body is about 60% water, if the phase of the Moon can affect ocean tides, and even cause a bulge in the Earth’s crust, surely it would exert an effect of human beings.
Science has taken the question of the full Moon’s effects seriously enough that there have been a number of studies examining the various claims. Nearly all of them have come up empty, though. All have either found no correlation between the Moon and human behavior, or were later debunked by other studies that questioned their methods.
The Full Moon marks the height of emotional energy. There are famous statistics regarding the amount of accidents and crime increasing during certain full moons throughout the year and it is wise to stay away from conflict or dangerous chances during this period. Breathing exercises, relaxing music and calm solitude are better than any group of friends, particularly if alcohol is involved.
 As far as I know, Full moon is the best time for people to make love, to gather together and enjoy family union…
I had watched my Perpetual Calendar watch on 19 Sept the Moon phase was at the state of full moon,
(exact Full moon happened on 2013 Sep 19 13:12 Thu)
It looks bigger than ever… and fun to see my watch at Full Moon condition, and I had two times making love with someone….what a wonderful evening I had had…
Next Full moon Will be : 2013 Oct 19 01:37 Sat ;  2013 Nov 17 16:15 Sun ; 2013 Dec 17 10:28 Tue
Only you wear a Perpetual Calendar can tell when the full moon will come, and prepare your heart to welcome with this once in a Month night…go for a Romance, probably some Angus beef steak with a bottle of Latour 1959 under a LED candle, in a 5 star Hotel with your woman… what else you can be.
As for Moonphase, the most awesome Moon phase is Blancpain, as the gesture of the Moon is so unique, very arrogant and no optimization, a man should possess this kind of character in order to take up all challenges in work, life, and love!
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