Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dick Tracy's Wrist Radio comes into Commerical Products after 67 years, finally!

                     Warren Beatty as "Dick Tracy' in the 1991 movie
Dick Tracy
The newspaper-comics cop got his smartwatch in 1946. We're still waiting for ours.
After 67 years, we could see this idea was adopted and on Commercial Sales in the shelf.

Samsung SmartWatch
On 4 Sept Samsung SK Shin, appeared in Berlin at the IFA trade show, Samsung showed off one of its worst kept secrets, the Galaxy Gear. Sony also showed off its smart watch, although it's hardly a newcomer to this field; Sony's effort will be the SmartWatch 2, a device it first announced back in June. 

Smart watches aren't entirely a new concept, but they're something that's been slow to gain traction in recent years. Sony has dabbled with them. Pebble made headlines and a lot of seed capital out of a very successful Kickstarter campaign that ultimately led to frustrated backers when Pebble couldn't quite deliver on time. Everyone seemed to agree that the idea was one with merit, but nobody delivered on a really compelling smart watch product.

Next Comers
Alongside Sony and Samsung, rumours swirl around Apple, Google and Microsoft eyeing up this particular space.

Rolex and Swatch
"Finding the right price for smartwatches will be hard. The sweet spot will be similar to designer watches versus Rolex or Swatch," commented Carolina Milanesi, a smartphones analyst at research group Gartner.

Aftermath, It is time for me to prepare some money for buying Samsung Note III, Where Am I going to wear, left hand with a Rolex and Right hand with a SmartWatch? No way!
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