Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hints on how to buy your beloved limited Rolex

                     Rolex boutique at HKIA , taken by 0730 am 11th September by Note II LTE

Your Strategy to Buy your Rolex
UK Friend of mine told me he had to wait for 5 years to get a Rolex Daytona black in London!?- Disappointment guaranteed
And many of us could easily as a walk-in on the HKIA Rolex boutique for Daytona White at list price- lucky You!
Many people get his watch GMT Master II Blue reserved by Rolex AD. When Watch comes, Rolex Calls him to collect it…- VIP of course!
But some of us had to put down phone contact and go home to wait! -  No news of course!

Friend of mine had placed a request at Rolex Service centre for replacement of his Daytona White Dial to black.  After One year, Rolex said, sorry, we do not have stock- Expected reply probably he forgets it already after one year.
An Australian Movie star went to one Rolex AD in Central and he get less 13% on his Submariner White Gold… that he is the walk in! - Rich Power!?I may get the same discount for him too, but he could not wait as he is rich!?  
How could you possible buy the watch you want!?
It is funny that we have money, but we cannot buy the watch I like, that is Rolex Strategy.
I have some hints provided by buyers, dealer and friends.
1.   Try to find for smaller Rolex AD shop that the customer is less normally, those bog shop at Nathan Road and Central are having too many customers, who cares you!?
2.   Try to buy at the end of the month like 30th or 31th… that they need you to make up their quota.
Friend of mine bought his first SST Daytona this way.
3.   Try not to say this is your first Rolex, and  trying to say you are buying the fifth for you son, and will come back for the sixth for yourself, acts yourself a big spender, pretending to get his name card for future buy.
4.   Try to leaves a Phone Contact too, but do not rely on that as the chance is low especially you are foreigner, no one would wait for you to come.
5.   Go to HKIA Rolex Boutique every Tuesday and Friday PM if you are just there being a foreigner as the new watch will comes at that time.
6.   Pay a bit more to buy from outside shops for brand new with box.
7.   What else?
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