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The Two Things To Do When You Become Rich! The Difference between A Snob and Philanthropist!

The Two Things To Do When You Become Rich! The Difference between A Snob and Philanthropist

When you eventually hit Big Money, you must also take these follow-up actions to consolidate your Wealth. Many people asked me what thing you would do in case after you get rich… Rich means you got cash say HKD$300m or more.

A Snob says When you become Rich: Enjoy Yourself!
Yes! Money is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. And that end is to live the good and happy Life! Therefore when you become rich, go ahead and enjoy yourself by doing the things that make you happy. Go ahead and do the things for which you sought the money in the first place.
Buy a Porsche 356, Buy a Ferrari 308 Black,  Go to Rolex AD to get Most Expensive Rolex GMT Master Ref116769TBR HKD$3,772,000! Or this Submariner Emerald if there is no stock for GMT. Buy a Paul Newman Daytona and go to watch the Daytona 24 hours races! Take your sweetest girl friend flying first Class to Nice and get naked in the beach under the warm sun.
People used to go Shenzhen to spend the Saturday night with the super models. You can go there and buy all the people two round of drinks, I bet that at least ten girls would come to surround you to find out who is the stupid chap! Make a Wife in China… according to recent statistic data form the marriage registration, 40% of HK men now married with the people in China, So the HK Lady should think again what’s gone wrong!? Well, at least I think the Index of Performance of a Chinese Wife is 80% better than those from HK., of course this is a feedback from friends who got a Chinese Wife or two… or Buy a Whole case of Lafift 1982 or 2000 if there is some difficulty to get whole case of 1982.
Money is Power. Therefore when you become rich, you must leverage on the inherent powers of money to also become useful, visible and powerful within your circle of influence. To be rich without being powerful is unfortunate.

Yu Pengnian, China's biggest philanthropist, sits in the restaurant atop the Peng Nian Hotel he built, where he lives and eats most of his meals.

Another case is when you become Rich: Give Back!
Whatever channel it got to you, never forget the one original source of all legitimate wealth. Remember and bless the various channels through which it got to you. It is not by power, nor by might, but by Grace. Therefore show gratitude to God and appreciation to Man, for your good fortune. Chose a channel of giving that suits you. Many wealthy people do set-up charitable Foundations as their primary channel of giving back to Humanity. I do already appreciate people donate Money for helping others.
Yu Pengnian's journey from poor street hawker to Hong Kong real-estate magnate was already a remarkable one. Then the 88-year-old did something even rarer that shocked many in increasingly materialistic China: He gave it all away.  Saying he hoped to set an example for other wealthy Chinese, Mr. Yu called a press conference in April to announce he was donating his last 3.2 billion Yuan (about $500-million) to a foundation he established five years earlier to aid his pet causes - student scholarships, reconstruction after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, and paying for operations for those like him who suffer from cataracts.  However, there seems have more such people in the Western world rather than Hong Kong or China! He is the only one in China, Hong Kong donate ALL, Who else in HK can do that!?
So in comparison, there are something in common, they finish all the money, they both feel happy and  released.  Question is do you want to be the snob or the philanthropist!?
HK Snob
I deeply moved by the motive and donation Mr. Yu Peng Nian made when I heard his story from Che Suk Mui’s interview with him at RTHK.

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