Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rolex Day Date isn't made for men, Perhaps for young girl too!

   This is a Purple London taxi rented by new married couple parked in front of Langham
      Hotel MK at 1200. 29 Sept 2013. It is eye catching because of the Colour! Beautiful!

This is a Day Date; President Watch designed for Visionaries, Presidents, Leaders, Champions...

It does not imply that Women can't wear it. I have seen a lot of woman wearing Day Date now, and then.

However for girl below 20s is not too common, well, uncommon does not mean not suitable, that is what Fashion is coming from!

If everyone use the same clothe, same way of make up, riding the same bicycles, the situation would be same those Women and men wearing same old blue clothes back in 60s China.

This is a Ref 18038 18 KT yellow Gold in light faded gold Dial with Roman Numerals, fitted with a Purple Croco strap for a girl of 17.

HK Snob

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Anonymous said...

Nice watch for sweety!