Thursday, September 12, 2013

The balance of bracelet of your Rolex would be an excuse not to Repair nor service at Rolex Service Centre!

The balance of bracelet when you buy a Rolex from an AD.
Friend of mine, who is a US Movie Actor, he dropped a Tudor and a Rolex off to the Australia Rolex Service Centre last week for service.

They noticed that his watch bracelet is unbalanced.
3 links on one side and 5 on the other!
Both watches has 4 links out.
He bought One from Kowloon watches and one from Ying Wong (Emperor).

Rolex Service Centre asked him to send his spare links in.
They said that they won't service a watch and have it send back unbalanced...
Which lead us to the question that the 2 Rolex AD he brought from have done it the lazy way.
Take all the links out from one side!

This might be a good topic for you especially female.
If there is more than 1 link out, they should insist to take it out from both sides.

Friend of mine he lucky found a Rolex tool and reconnect the links properly before sending to Rolex Service Centre.
This Sound weird to you, but that is True!!
So next time, when there is needed to remove some of the Submariner link for matching your wrist, make it one on each side, don’t remove two on one side!
And Please keep the links, there can be vital to you, and if that is Gold one... don't throw it away as each link may cost you HKD$3,000!!
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Is the proper balance to have the same number of links on each side?

HK Snob said...

Hi There, yes, we should maintain equal number of section on each side.
0 is best
+1 is OK
+2 or +3 is rejected
HK Snob