Thursday, September 26, 2013

Don't Judge the people by his outlook

Don't judge the people by his outlook In Hong Kong.
Most of the cases the most simple man stand in front of you is the CEO of your client.
The one who wears a $100,000 watch, Italian Suit, driving a 911 may be having a lot of credit loan from the Bank.
Most of the cases the most attractive lady might be the only one once speaks will carry a lot of words of profanity.
The girl with average appearance is the one how may have more than 10 boy friends whereas the most prettiest one would likely had to rely on Dating Website to find her first boy friend.
And the look “C9”* is the professor of a University.
The CEO of a Company with revenue 10B usually wears Seiko watch.
The CEO of a small enterprise with revenue 5M-10M usually wear Rolex Two Tone.
I met an average man of 50, quite talkative, seems nothing special, causual wear, simple shoes, a Rolex Submariner badly used I thought he is a bank manager in our building, one day I found he drove Ferrari to work, another day, I saw he drove  a Porsche Carrera! That is not enough, another Day, I saw him walking out from his helicopter, people told me if there is traffic jam he flies heli to work!

Most of the cases that the simplest dressed man comes in for Rolex Day Date and seems do not ask how much before he gives you his credit card.  And the one carry a Louis Vuitton bag and Ferragamo shoes comes in for a Submariner No Date Ref 116040, and keep asking more than 5% discount!
Remarks * C9 is a colloquial terms for married, mid-40 lady who never care about any more about her dress nor make up.
Sham Shui Po Snob

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