Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rolex Submariner Hulk and GMT Master II Blue Shopping in Cairns, Queensland of Australia

One Colleague of mine, a Senior Marketing Manager had a chance to go Cairns for a vacation and glad to see that there is One Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV and One GMT Master II Blue Ref 116710BLNR  left at the SHOP!
The Rolex AD shop keeper said that they have only one of them every month, Every time Chinese come, they buy them ALL.
So we are lucky as we can see them before the big spenders comes!
We took the Submariner with AUD$10,500, after the 11% tax deduction, the net price was AUD$9,345 (that is about HKD$65,415).
In Hong Hong, this watch is selling at HKD$66,100 net no discount. So that is even cheaper to buy in Australia than HK!
If you are there, go and look for it…. Well, it was last week, I believe that watch should be sold already!!
Queensland Snob


Anonymous said...

Tax is 10% not 11%. Which would make it $66150 using your rate of 7 to 1. Maybe he got 1% discount.
I looked at the same watch today in Hawaii. Price is US$9227 no discount :(

HK Snob said...

your price in Hawaii is Quite Expensive

Thanks for your information.
You have got a nice watch!
HK Snob