Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quote for Today, be a happy man, to be yourself!

An enchanted feeling and an enchanted heart for something
Today, whilst I was writing the weekly report as required by the company for an update. I used to play my favourite LP musical pieces.

This is the first one I immediately think when I can back listening to the radio in the taxi about song of Johnny Yip,
As this is my top ten favourite Cantonese musical pieces sung by Johnny Yip, the “Life is like a Drama”

                               A Johnny Yip greatest hit, sold at HKD$60 in 1985.

He said, when you are prone to be happy, you should be happy, after Drunk, you will feel more lonely when you recovered from the wine. It would be hard to search for the best memory you once had. And today you are the main Actor, just do it yourself as who you are! Man! The quote for today!

                   A Touching Lyris composed by Cheng Kwok Kong!

                        The Magnificiant Royal Ball Room of Mandarin Orietnal Hotel

I always remember the days I was in Oriental hotel in Bangkok,
with my first Wife who was a Miss Thailand back in 1980’.  That reception officer at the hotel could call the name for the guest on his second visit!
That is a very successful case of miracle but don’t forget they have 2,000 staff to serve 1,000 guests! That hotel history went back to 1873… and was the first hotel in Bangkok. Of course, that is my first choice in visiting Thailand …when I am rich!  

And I did remember we had some French first growth wine sitting at the side of the Chao Praya, watching the boats travelling from this to other side of the rivers: Light breeze under the night!

And people works hard and save hard for nothing, I work hard and play hard for many things.

As friends of mine know me… I always say: I am poor but I am not unhappy, If I die today, I won’t regret as I have had all I need to have in my life…
So when you still can afford, try to buy you something you like, a piece of jewelry for your girlfriend, a sets of Flower on the Saint Valentine’s day to your beloved… That is not unnecessary as Woman like to listen to flattery, they like lies and they like Flowers, they like you tell her she is the most beautiful woman on earth. Of you can afford, bring her a Diamond with size of a soya bean, she would love you to death, or She may like you to die, for your money!?

Hong Kong is dying, as 500,000 people come out to the street to protest for Act. 23 in make 2017 Selection of the Executives… to Occupy Central …Man! Are we insane! What would be the impact?

                                                 Tung Kin Wah's 85,000

I have been saying in my Blog long time ago, Tung Kin Wah was a nice man and he made a promise of building 85,000 homes for People of HK,  but he was bombarded by thousands of people of HK at that time… 1997 was an Asian Economy meltdown, nothing related to Mr. Tung! And nowadays many people rate him likely the best Chief Executives of Hong Kong amongst Ronald Tsang, CY... Well, as time will prove someone of right or wrong…

I don't think the 2017 election will bring good future to everyone in HK, as the one you select, or every people HK select to be executives would not be able to do anything to China under the China Power Umbrella.

To be a poor Snob, try to do something you still can control, make yourself happier man. That is what life if for.

As Johnny Said: “Life is a Drama Only”! Don't be so serious, Today you are the main actor, tomorrow you would be a carefree!?
When you still have some money, buy a ticket and invite your girl friend for a Movie…
When you still have money, send some flowers to your ex-wife
When you still have some money, donate some for the poverty.
Run Run Shaw is now 105 years old!? Why, because he is a good decent man who help many of the people. He earns his days! 
Tung Kin Wah is a good man and he earn is reputation back, a bit late but it come…after 16 years!

When you have some money, buy you a decent watch that can go with you for witness of all you did in life. Of course, if you had more, drive a Ferrari…it would be a wrong choice…I think.
HK Snob

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