Monday, October 14, 2013

Rolex Movement Cal. 3135

MBBS (medical degree) Final Exam question paper:
  Fill in the blanks . . .
     "If a woman faints, we must first check her pu_s_. "
       Only few students like me who wrote: 'Pulse' passed!

How about Pulses of you watch?
Is Higher BPH (Beat Per Hour) necessarily keeps time more accurate!?

However, higher BPH would induce higher wear and tear rate. Which approach will you choose!?

More accurate movement or better watch movement reliability? I don’t mean that lower BPH the watch would be more reliable as there are still many factors to determine the watch reliability.

But Higher the BHP will inevitably cause higher wear and tear and likely more frequent watch overhaul.

So A Rolex Ref 1803 is likely one of the best movement as it has the optimum design of BHP and Serviceability.

Do you ever think of that Cal. 3135 is likely one of the most popular and reliable Workhorses for Rolex?

Rolex Caliber 3135
Rolex’s top of the line men’s movement, the caliber 3135.
Prior to the introduction of this movement Rolex used their caliber 3035 – which was in turn a replacement for their caliber 1575. Although caliber 3035 was a strong, reliable and very accurate movement.

Caliber 3035 was a radical departure from their previous movements in that the balance speed was increased from 19,800BPH to 28,800BPH,
Originally introduced around 1988 Rolex’s 3135 has been their workhorse movement since then. 

Basic technical info for the 3135
Diameter = 28.5mm
Casing diameter = 28.1mm
Height = 6mm – note that the non-date Cal. 3130 is the same height
Jewels = 31
Power Reserve = Approximately 50 hours

What movement your Rolex is running!?
HK Snob

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