Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is Rolex "MacGersy"? How to Choose it!?

Who is most adorable!? Hard to make a Choice!?

Can you find the human Skull!? Where?

 How to choose my Rolex, WOW, too many! How!?

I always admire Patek Philippe, Roger Dubuis or Audemars Piguet Show room, they used to Display one or two watches as the window display!

Whereas Seiko or Rolex would display "hundred Watches" at the window.

Sometimes I think if we out too many Models on a window, customers would be difficult to make a choice.

Well, what should we do?

There are a few ways:
-  Close your eye and finger point to one model, just buy it!

-  Buy All;  Only Mr. Lee, Mr. Ho or Mr. Lau could do it!

-  Go and ask yourself what do you want!?

- Or Ask you how do you want your Rolex to be!?

I think Trend could be one way to decide, as nowadays everyone talks about GMT Master II Blue Ref 116710BLNR.  Well, there is no stock… So how!?

Just Pick up one that you like, or is there a simple way to choose!?

Some guide line:
Yellow gold- Hi profile
White gold- low profile
Pink gold- a bit too much for men
Platinum- Good taste and elegancy!
Size has to match with wrist, too large a watch in a small build body looks unpleasant, same for too small a watch on a big wrist- wired!
Two Tone Date just- Chinese Favourite, especially Pink Gold and Stainless steel, it is not the trend for HK
Date Just Stainless steel- most common practical watch for all kinds of occasions
How About "MacGersy”?  A terms created by HK Snob… that stands for Sport Series!
M- Milgauss
A-Air king
C-Cosmograph Daytona
G- GMT Master II
R- Rolex DeepSea
S- Submariner
Y- Yacht master

Date Just, Day Date is classified another Series! Well, each of them represents a Model Series that comes with a story, amongst them I like Submariner and Daytona Most…

HK Snob

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