Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rolex with Leather Strap

Sometimes, we can use  NATO nylon strap or leather strap to replace the original stainless steel bracelet for those Rolex Sport model such as GMT master II, Submariner, Explorer..etc.

We can buy some of these Stainless steel buckles.

The Original Stainless steel buckle from Rolex is about HKD$1,800 each.
The Solid Gold one is about HKD$4,800

Now the one show in picture are those I bought locally in SSP Ap Liu Street, with mere HKD$180 each.

If I use it on Stainless steel model, It is OK for me... and if that is for those Day Date only, I think I will prepfer the Rolex Original. These buckles are all 14 mm width.

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