Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rolex GMT Master II Ref 1167O1 BLNR Blue for Pilot and you

   Cockpit inside an Airbus A320-211, Photography Courtesy of Ismael Jorda, Airliner.net

Who should wear such a Watch: GMT Master II  BLNR?
By right is Pilot, Captain, Frequent Traveler, but now anyone who would like to wear it as it is super eye catching. With the new ceramic Blue Dial and Blue Pointer. People goes to Rolex AD would likely turn frenetic as no one could give a date when this watch would arrive his hand.
Some of the Rolex AD required to prepay 100% first, then wait for next week’s provision to arrive. This is at least able to allow you to have a chance to get the watch, not a bad idea.
No one could imagine that a commercial product could be so successful, iPhone 5S 16G Gold colour is now selling HKD$9,500. And this Rolex is selling HKD$65,300. These are the hardcore Products that no one could wait to buy nowadays.

Today the Samsung Note III and the SmartWatch has launched HK, I am afraid those electronic freak would have no time to sleep after they bought this new toy!
HK Snob


Anonymous said...


I have been following your posts for long. Its good to learn from you that hkers can buy it at AD. May I know if there is any discount at AD, by quoting your name?

Many thanks


HK Snob said...

hi alex
there is such offer once in a while for gmt mater blue. But no discount now. can not quote my name but i can allow you to get it by telling you when and who to get it. but these kinds of watch. i can hold half day only.
hk snob

Anonymous said...

Thank you Snob!!!

Then how about GMT II Gold and Steel 116713LN. I noticed in some Rolex posts that that this one has a better investment value. Pls advice any discount at AD?

Besides one watch friend told me that Submariner Gold and Steel 116613LN is also a good watch to wear and invest. What is your recommendation pls.

I wish to choose among these 3, 116710BLNR, 116713LN, and 116613LN. If no discount on GMT Blue, and if there is some good discount on the other 2, then the price difference narrows between a STEEL and a GOLD n STEEL.

I appreciate your long standing expert advice to choose one for me, please.

Thanks a lot in advance!


HK Snob said...

Hi Alex,
For my personal Preference, bith using for investment!
1. Ref 116713LN
2. Ref 116613LN
3. Ref 116710BLNR

Ref 116710BLNR is hot just for these few months! it is a short term, for long term, TT is better!
HK snob

Anonymous said...

Thank you! V nice choice!

Then I go for 116713 then. I plan to buy it in the coming weeks.

May I know how much discount in AD you could help to obtain?

Any seasonal effect on the discount rate?

Thanks again!


HK Snob said...

Hi Alex
I get less 10% for you, I am the VIP!!
mail me...
HK Snob

Anonymous said...


Thanks Snob!

I shall email you near the time when I am ready to buy it!

Thank you again!

Bryan said...

Hi HK Snob,

I will be in HK in December, and I'm looking at the GMT Master II BLNR Blue, which you have featured here. What is the latest market price for one? As you said, there is currently no discount for it?

I also saw a previous post for the GMT Master II green pointer, and it was about 50,800 HKD? I might consider getting the green pointer GMT instead.

HK Snob said...

Hi Bryan,
There is still no abundant stock on Ref 116710 BLNR Blue, I see them being displayed on Shops in Canton Road, some TST Rolex ADs, but definitely those are been allocated and used for VIPs as to maintain Relationship.
Current Price is still solid HKD$65,300 no discount anywhere.
Ref 116710LN Green is Selling at List price HKD$61,200. The price you mentioned is typo, I think the best price we get is HKD$56,800.

Let me know by Dec as there we may have more Quota for Ref 116710 BLNR. We will see, if not, I get one GMT Green pointer for you!!
HK Snob