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National Treasure and Rolex Submariner

Nicolas Cage wears Rolex Submariner in this Movie.

National Treasure
National Treasure is a 2004 American adventure heist film. It is the first film in the National Treasure franchise and stars Nicolas Cage. A historian races to find the legendary Templar Treasure before a team of mercenaries.

Cage plays Benjamin Franklin Gates, a historian and amateur cryptologist searching for a lost treasure of precious metals, jewelry, artwork and other artifacts that was accumulated into a single massive stockpile by looters and warriors over many millennia starting in Ancient Egypt, later rediscovered by warriors who form themselves into the Knights Templar to protect the treasure, eventually hidden by American Freemasons during the American Revolutionary War. A coded map on the back of the Declaration of Independence points to the location of the "national treasure", but Gates is not alone in his quest. Whoever can steal the Declaration and decode it first will find the greatest treasure in history.

Gates Said" I have this Divers' Watch, It is called Submariner!"

Time showns 2:22 on 100 Dollars Bank note, the Clue of the next Clue for treasure

Well, to find the right time that he had to go to the bell of the church. He recalled the time is printed on the 100 Dollar bank note, Gates had to asked the shopper keeper the bank note…
Gates said “Can I see one the hundred dollars bills I gave you!?
Shop lady said; “No!, Er!”
Gates, “Oh Well, ah, Here I have the diver’s Watch. It is called Submariner! As I dived with it, It is quite a value!

Nicholas Cages wears Rolex Submariner in the movie

There are two scene Gates had showed his Rolex Submariner in the movie, including he passed the watch to the shop lady in exchange of the 100 dollar bill!
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