Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fan Bing Bing and Rolex have one common Point; The beauty that meets the Divine Proportion!

 Fan Bing Bing

The Number 666
The number 666 is not Satan, this  Biblical number 666 may also have a relationship to the divine proportion. The number 666 is related to Phi
Revelations 13:18, speaking of the Anti-Christ, says the following:

Man in a circle illustrating proportion by Leonardo Da Vinci 1485-90 

"This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is a man's number, his number is 666"

The beast, the Antichrist, is thus related to the number 666, one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible.
Curiously enough, if you take the sine of 666°, you get 0.80901699, which is one half of negative phi, or perhaps what one might call the "anti-phi"
The sine 666° is one-half negative of 1.618. It is opposite of balance and harmony or chaos and disharmony.

Golden Rule or Divine Proportion
Face proportion so called divine Proportion was not my idea, as over many centuries, a lot of study had debine the Golden Rule of Balance.
Everything in the universe is based on the proportion: 1 to 1.618 so called Divine Proportion, as the width of the face is 1. Then the height of the head should be 1.618.

Fan Bing Bing
Elegancy is not borne to have it, as far as beauty like Fan Bing Bing, she was born as natural beauty, no plastic surgery, she is a natural creation by her parents with genes of beauty. "Bing" means Ice, and I think she is not cold as Icem but hot as Red hot charcoal... that could burn me to death!

Look at her, she has all the divine proportion!
So What kind of watch that I think best for this Chinese Beauty, Rolex …
What? Again Rolex? Yes… Because I found that the Rolex Also carry the Divine of Proportion!? Can you Find it!?

Rolex DateJust Lady Ref 178279 White Gold with Diamond 

If I were the program manager of Miss Fan, I will have no hesitation to introduce her just two watches, which would cover 70% of her usage.
One is DateJust Lady 31mm Ref 178279, White Gold with diamond bezel, and diamond “6” and “9” which is the most adorable number for Chinese beside “3” . That is also laid with sands…The strap is a President strap that could possible tell the guy on the other side of the street to tell “It is A Rolex!” give everyone a look of “ Flagship” not stainless steel, it is entire made of White Gold.

Rolex DateJust Ref 116199. SANR.L.10DIA.272BRA

Another one is the most sexiest watch for lady , only a few lucky one who could possible afford because you cannot use it every day, it has to be used on Big Day only! Especially when walking on Red carpet. or if you had too much money, buy it for going to street Market eating Fish Balls!

The price of the two watches is Just HKD$1,000,000 after special Discount. It is still Cheaper to buy an Audi A8, and  MB E320. And it does not ask you to turn left always (for Entering gas station)!
Warning to the HK people who goes for a two weeks Korean Plastic Surgery,  it may destroy the proportion if not managed well, and we see why all beautiful Koreans look the same, as they all employ the same Rule, may be from the hands of the same Surgeon.
By Doing so, it gains beauty and lose the character.  And if you are painter you know that once stroke or one dot could means a lot on a Chinese Painting. So if you want the Surgeon using knife as pen to paint on you face… then I should say” Beware!”
Remarks: Courtesy of Mr. Gary Meisnerhe bible

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Note: the Rolex Dial Diameter and the Width of the bracelet agrees with the Divine Proportion.

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