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Least Appealing Rolex

Least Appealing Rolex
This is purely personal comment on these watches, don’t be feeling uneasy as watch is more or less personal affectionate item. If you like it, that would be OK!

1.Daytona Leopard
Ref 116598SACO,  too much of a kind of unique design, seems we are carrying an animal on the arm.
May be good for Lady Gaga, but it might never be an appealing watch for men…try to think when you could wear this watch!?
Second, the price is very unfriendly!

2.Rolex Date Just mid size with full pave diamond
Datejust President Ref 68278 18K Yellow Gold with Full Pave Diamond
Hard to wear and too small in nowadays’ requirement 31mm, might be good for lady only, but not for me.

3.Yachtmaster Ref 116681
The horse shoe like dial is a burden on the dial.
There are five colour on it, white, Pink, red, black and blue, which seems too many!
The advertisemen  “Yacht Master” on the bezel, it happens only on this model.
Function is useless for me as I do not have a 118 Wally!
HK List Price is HKD$195,900

3. SkyDweller Ref M326939-0001
Oyster, 42 mm, white gold, arrived HK Rolex AD Nov 2012.
Since then, the sales was not so good at all
The dial is too crowded with too many information such as Roman and Arabian numerals on the same dial.
What if we use strip hour indicators to replace the Roman Numerals, would it be better!?
The original idea of the offset centered 24 hours dial is to create an artistic effect, but the way it gives me a distorted view of the dial.
There Red Triangle indictor under the Rolex Logo could be better if replaced by a gold strip form index, I think.
This carries a price tag of HKD$380,000!  I would not consider, well on the other hand, I believe this kind of watch could be a sought after vintage watch after 25 years, if the current sale record remians low.
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