Sunday, October 6, 2013

What Watches did Ip Man wear?

Ip Man is a legendary Fung Fu Grandmaster, that is no question about it.

Someone has asked me recently what watch Ip man was wearing when he was in Hong Kong?

I started to find friends of mine and someone who knows Ip Man.

Someone Said Omega Seamaster and someone said Ernest Borel, and from what I see on all his pictures, he seemed did not wear any watches at all.

And From all the recent five Ip man Movies I have seen including the Wong Kar Wai's latest "The Grandmasters" 
There is nothing on his wrist, may be a Real Fung Fu man needs a super tough watch and I believed his speed of straight Punch would damage any watch made at that time…
So if you know about him, or you are the student of Ip Chun, please tell me what watch Ip Man worn when he was in HK!

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