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Rolex Meteorite Dial 隕石面 Watches

Rolex Day Date Yellow Gold with Meteorite Dial

Rolex Day Date with meteorite Dial

Rolex Meteorite Dial 隕石面
Meteorites are bits of a Rock of the Solar System that have fallen onto the Earth. Most come from asteroids including a few that are believed to have come specifically from 4 Vesta which is the second most massive object in the asteroid belt.  A few probably come from comets.

No meteorite dials have the same pattern of crystals as another one and it varies as to what part of the meteorite the rough dial is cut from.  The inside piece where the cooling was slower the crystals are larger and more regular and from the outside of the piece where the cooling was faster, the crystals are smaller and more irregular.  These differences are what make meteorite watch dials uniquely beautiful and rare.  They are a perfect and beautiful one-of-a-kind enhancement for any Rolex watch.

As a Rolex Collector, user, a probably a watch connoisseur, beside the Stella Red, Brunswick green, Turquoise, Yellow, Havana Dial, Lapis Azuli, Onyx, Malachite, Grossular, Aventurine, Coral, Marble, Birch, Oak to make dial…This one seems has not too much being discussed as I had spent time verifying if the dial is really made from Stone that was flown from outer space to the Earth or not, the official reply is YES!

So if you wear a Rolex Daytona and I am wearing the same, that is Daytona, but if the one that has a Meteorite dial that is different. 

Today when you buy Rolex, look for some special dial like this.. in One day, your Rolex might be recalled by NASA for some scientific study; as meteorites are our only material evidence of the universe beyond the Earth.

It probably carries a message from the Alien beyong the human civilization could understand.
The following Rolex with meteorite Dial is available in Rolex AD Hong Kong. Price listed below is Rolex List price. Discount varies from 5% to less 11% depending on availabilty and Rolex AD.

 Ref 178274 Lady 26mm Date Just 31 mm mid size with meteorite dial with Diamond dial

Ref 118238 Day Date Yellow Gold 36mm with Meteorite Dial and Diamonds.

Ref 118235 Day Date in Pink Gold 36mm with Meteorite Dial with diamond on it

Killer Rolex Ref 116519 White Gold with Meteorite Dial with Crocodile strap HKD$230,900

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